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The Paths of the Mayab

Paths of the Mayab, Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
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From the Past Towards the Sea

The Convent Route

The Eternal East

The Puuc Route

Ecology and Adventure
Paths of the Mayab, Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

.From the Past Towards the Sea
Dzibilchaltun · Progreso · Chicxulub · Uaymitun · Telchac · Xcambo

"One never finishes learning about Yucatan". This route provides a magical path where you can experience the magic and mystery of archaeological marvels with their warm white sand beaches.

Dzibilchaltun, located only 22 kms. from Merida, holds a incredible amount of stone constructions. One of these,
the House of the Seven Dolls, is the site of a beautiful light shown every equinox. This zone also is famous for its Cenote (where an underground river breaks through the limestone crust), where visitors can refresh themselves and swim, Heading North we arrive ar the Port of  
Progreso. Its visitors are wrapped in its special atmosphere enjoying the malison and brilliant sunsets.

Further on we find the typical fishing village of Chicxulub distinguished for its coastal customs and delicious cuisine.

An excellent place to enjoy the traditional Fried Fish, swim in the sea, and watch the fishermen return to its white sands after their day of work on the sea. Close to Uaymitun is the Scenic View, where from the thatched roof of a building, the visitor can observe the always-beautiful sight of pink flamingoes in their natural habitat.

A must-see is Nuevo Yucatan in Telchac. This tourism development on the Yucatan coast offers a wide variety of recreational and tourism options. Visit the beautiful Pink Lagoon, sanctuary and home of the many-colored migratory birds. Close to Telchac is Xcambo, with ancient Mayan Pyramids, roads and buildings.  flecha.jpg (764 bytes)

Paths of the Mayab, Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

The Eternal East
Izamal · Chichen-Itza · Valladolid - Ek-Balam · Tizimin ·
San Felipe · Rio Lagartos

One of the most complete and fascinating tourist routes. Here you will find haciendas now converted into tourist sites, hotels and restaurants; archaeological zones, colonial cities and ecotourism.

In Izamal you will feel the mixture of three cultures, Mayan, Spanish and Mestiza. View the XVI Century Franciscan Convent, site of the second largest indoor atrium in the world. The picturesque streets still conserve the enchantment of a bygone era.

The size and majesty of Chichen-Itza, one of the most important Mayan cities, will astound the visitor. The Castle is the most famous Mayan pyramid and subject of spectacular equinoctial light and shadow phenomenon which testifies to the ancient Maya's knowledge of astronomy.

The streets, cenotes, parks, markets and squares of Valladolid will enchant, as well as its tasty cuisine and historic buildings such as the Convent of St. Bernardino.

Ek-Balam, just a few minutes from Valladolid, is an archaeological zone rich in monuments and buildings.

Heading toward the cost you will visit Tizimin, site of mayor Cattle Shows and Fairs as well as religious celebrations, and one of the most important populations in the State. San Felipe is a small, charming fishing village, where you can enjoy the delicious sea food fresh from the sea.

Rio Lagartos is a true paradise for nature lovers. Declared a Natural Reserve by the Mexican Government, it provides sanctuary for tens of thousands of pink flamingoes.  flecha.jpg (764 bytes)

Paths of the Mayab, Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

The Convent Route
Acanceh · Tecoh · Mayapan · Tekit · Mama · Chumayel
Teabo · Tipical · Mani · Oxkutzcab

This route provides a trip through time, featuring Mayan constructions, native mestiza populations and colonial monuments. Many of the constructions dating to the XVI and XVII Centuries, are true artistic jewels.

Among the most important convents are The Temple dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity, located in Acanceh only 30 kms. from Merida. Further on the road to Tecoh is the Temple and ex Convent of The Ascension.

In Tekit we find the ex Convent of St. Anthony of Padua and the Chapel of St. Christopher. The Ex-Franciscan Convent located in Mama is famous for the beauty of its bell tower.

In Mani, the Convent of St. Michael Archangel is the site of the famous, or infamous "Auto de Fe" in 1562, when valuable Mayan writings and codices were destroyed and burned by the Bishop Fray Diego de Landa.

In Oxkutzcab you can visit the XVII Century church, or the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Pillar. This tour also includes a very important archaeological zone: Mayapan, the ancient capital of the Triple Alliance formed by Mayapan, Uxmal and Chichen-Itza.   flecha.jpg (764 bytes)

Paths of the Mayab, Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

The Puuc Route
Uman · Yaxcopoil · Uxmal · Kabah · Sayil · Xlapak
Labna · Loltun · Ticul · Oxkintok

To travel the Puuc route is to meet the ancient, thousand year Yucatan with its great still living Mayan culture, a visit to the Yucatan of yesterday, today and forever.

Our tour begins in Uman, only a few minutes from Merida, with a visit to its church, an exquisite example of the superb colonial architecture. Another stop is Yaxcopoil, an ancient henequen hacienda converted into a museum.

Uxmal, the Mayan city known throughout the world for its beauty, stands out for its majesty, and the purity and fineness of its architecture and decorative art. The Light and Sound show transmits the charm, mystery and sensitivity of this land of the Mayab.

Other stops are Kabah, with its 250 masks of the God Chaac; Sayil, which flowered between 800 and 1000 A.D.; and Xlapac (unglued walls), a site of some 114 mounds and 3 somewhat restored pyramids and famous for its Palace; this site, and some others are less restored and manicured so you can appreciate how this site was found, notice the many carved stones just laying around on the ground.

Labna, holds one of the finest and most photographed Mayan constructions: The Arch.

In Loltun we find ancient wall paintings as well as delicate pieces of ceramic; as well as Ticul, famous for its ceramic handcrafts and fine shoes; and Oxkintok, one of the most ancient Mayan cities of Yucatan where stele and inscriptions provide valuable information about the Mayas.  flecha.jpg (764 bytes)

Paths of the Mayab, Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

Ecology and Adventure
Sisal · El Palmar · Celestun

Few places in the world can boast of the rich amalgam of contrasting attractions as Yucatan.

Sisal, only 55 kms. from Merida, this was once the main port for the Peninsula of Yucatan, receiving and shipping a wide variety of products to the world. Today its warm beaches and exotic natural scenery make it the perfect place for rest and relaxation. It is also the home for beautiful migratory birds such as the Canada goose.

El Palmar: The numerous flora and fauna species make this one of the most important ecological reserves in Yucatan. El Palmar is the ideal site for ecotourism, providing modern scenic view including the highest lighthouse in the State.

Celestun: The main attraction of this beautiful National Park is the pink flamingo, found here in its natural habitat. Touring the river in comfortable motor boats is a unique experience, enjoying the sight of thousands of flamingoes, cranes, ducks and other birds. Swim in the "ojo de agua" where an underwater fresh water river bursts through the floor of the sea, mixing fresh and salt water; or tour the fascinating petrified forest of Tampeten. Other attractions are the beaches, mangroves, forest and delicious seafood such as conch and crab legs.  flecha.jpg (764 bytes)

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