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Caverns of Loltun
Loltun Caverns in Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

From the Maya "Lol": Flower and "Tun": Stone
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Loltun Caverns in Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®Loltun cave is located 110 km from Merida via federal highway 31 in the State of Yucatan, Mexico.

Only 4.3 miles from Oxkutzcab and 15 miles northeast from Labna ruins.

Loltun Caverns are one of the biggest known from the huge cave system that covers a great territory in southern Yucatan. They have been arranged for a safe tour, approximately a 500mts of illuminated paths, in which we can admire huge and excellent chambers with stalactites, stalagmites and interesting petro glyphs and rupestrian paintings. Loltun Caverns in Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

At Loltun, the visitor can learn the natural and cultural history of the Northern Maya Lowlands within a 10,000 years period, from the late Pleistocene to Contemporary times. In one of its cavities, locally known as "Huechil" (from the Maya "Huech": armadillo), archaeological excavations were carried out, and in one of its lowest levels, extinct animal remains were found: mammoth, bison, feline and other animal bones, indicating a colder climate period with a different environment to that of the present. Man made stone tools appeared in a superior level, probably produced by th first Peninsula's inhabitants.

Loltun Caverns in Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®Other material remains have been found in this and other parts of the grout including pottery, marine shells, stone artifacts, bas-relief carvings,  petro glyphs and mural paintings, corresponding to the distinct development stages of the Maya Culture. From the Formative period (600 B.C. - 150 A.D.) stands out the bas-relief carving known as "The Loltun Warrior", located in Nahkab (beehive) entrance, presenting inherited traits from ancient Olmecs. From Classic (150 - 900 A.D.) and Post classic (900 A.D. to 16th century) can be observed cultural features such as mural paintings representing hands, faces, animals, geometric motifs and  inscriptions; "haltunes" or artificial containers carved in the rock for gathering natural dripping water (suhuy-ha); as well as many petro glyphs, standing out those with flower motifs, which gave the name to the cavern. There are also 19th century barricades constructed by rebel Mayas who sheltered in this and other southern Yucatan caves during the so called "War of Castes". Loltun Caverns in Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

Loltun Caverns in Yucatan, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

Visitors can also admire many natural lime stone formations with capricious and suggestive forms that popular imagination have baptized them with peculiar names such as "Cathedral",
"Grand Canyon Gallery", "Ear of Corn", Stalactite Rooms", and so on.

It's important to notice the "musical" columns, formed by the union of stalactites and stalagmites, that produce sounds with different tones when they are knocked; or a magnificent gallery with its collapsed ceiling, with descending tree roots and sun rays...


  • Parking lots, beautiful gardens and green areas, restaurants and toilettes.

  • Daily guided visits are provided at: 9:30, 12:30 and 15:30  hrs. in Spanish & 11:00 and 14:00 hrs. in English.

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