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Veracruz State is located in the eastern part of Mexico and it is one of the most modern states and productive of Mexico.

Veracruz is located between 17° 10' and 22° 38' of north latitude and 93° 55' and 98° 38' of length west in Mexico.

Veracruz limit to the north with the State of Tamaulipas, to the south with the State of Oaxaca and with the State of Chiapas, to the southeast with the State of Tabasco; to the east with the Gulf of Mexico and to the west with the State of Puebla, with the State of Hidalgo and with the State of San Luis Potosi.

Veracruz has a territorial extension is of 72,815 km2, within the continental bulk, more other 58 corresponding to the added surfaces of the islands of its sovereignty.

The territorial line of Veracruz has an extension of 648 km.; its maximum length, of northwest to southeast it is of 800 km. and its maximum width measures 212 km., while the minimal is of 52 km. It is split into 203 municipalities with a population of approximately 6'908,975 inhabitants.

Veracruz it is a state with very assorted climate, that is going from the warm wet until very cold, with perpetuate snows. However, the dominant climate throughout its coasts is warm sub wet, with rains in the summer and an annual mean temperature of 25° C.

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