Papantla is situated 191 km from the Port of Veracruz City on federal highway 130 in the
State of Veracruz, Mexico.

The beautiful natural landscape of the surroundings of Papantla, and its local charm, combine to give us a picturesque image of this village where the delicious vanilla is produced.

Among Papantla main traditions you can enjoy the outstanding and famous Rito de Los Voladores (Rite of the Flyers), which consist of a group of dancers who descend from the top of a trunk especially cut for this purpose, tied upside down from their waists and turning slowly around it.

This original spectacle, as well as other unique folk dances such as the Guaguas, can be seen during the Corpus Christy festivities (at the beginning of June).

Local artisans of Papantla sell handicrafts made with vanilla.


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