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Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico - Tour By Mexico �Xalapa is the Capital City of the State of Veracruz and is located 302 km from Mexico City via federal highways 140 and 150 in Mexico.

Xalapa is surrounded by mountainous landscapes, which make its Colonial architecture even most attractive.

Xalapa is "The flower city", state capital, is a cultural center where it's conserves the traditional colonial structure, but also is a city with a intense social and economic life, where is express the wealth of this Mexican region, that has everything. Rich in artistic expressions like sculpture, theater, literature, music and dance; city museums are the contact spots with the native cultures that lived in the zone: Totonaca, Olmeca and Huasteca, also the buildings and monuments of colonial origin. Anthropologic Museum, is one of most important in Latin America, conceived inside the Veracruz University, reunite archeological pieces recollected over 50 years of research and investigation, making one of the most complete collections about prehispanic cultures in the continent.

Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � / Typical Street / Photo by MaferThe 8 halls of the Science and Technology Museum has more than 400 samples, represents the scientific knowledge evolution and its achievements, illustrating the human progress through a global vision of the different areas and science disciplines.

The colonial life, its secrets, the ways in those who came to the new continent developed their existence in a complete different world, are reflected in the El Lencero museum, the old ranch where once the poetess Gabriela Mistral lived in. The furniture, utensils, and objects of the colonial time, are conserved and reunited in the rooms of this antique hose, alternated with courtyards and gardens where you can breathe the magic air of ancient times.

Among Xalapa main attractions are:

  • The Anthropological Museum, where more than 25 thousand pieces found in the entity are exhibited, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � Photo by Mafer Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � Photo by Mafer

  • The House of the Handicrafts, with a complete collection corresponding to the production of Veracruz

  • El Paseo de Los Lagos, an ideal place for taking a walk

  • The Government Palace

  • The Cathedral, which was built in the XVIII century

  • The Juarez Park, from where a wonderful view of the city can be observed

  • The Xalapeno Stadium, unique in the world because of its design that took advantage of the naturalXalapa, Veracruz, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � - The Government Palace in Xalapa / Photo bt Mafer
    shape of the

  • The Xalitic Bridge and the theater of the State, which presents the best of spectacles

  • The Botanical Garden, which is situated on the old Coatepec highway, where you can see an enormous variety of plants from other countries

  • The Macultepec Hill, located 10 km to the north of Xalapa by the federal highway 40, where there are a mirador, and an ex-Hacienda

Regarding gastronomy, in Xalapa you can taste delicious dishes such as:

  • pickled chillis

  • the Picaditas (Flat corn cakes with mashed beans and cheese)

  • Garnachas (fried flat corn cakes filled with beans)

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