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8 km away form Xalapa, Coatepec is famous not only for its historic monuments, but for its aromatic coffee that is a symbol of the area. Ancient Totonaca population founded around XV century, it belong to the "tiple alianza" (triple alliance) of the natives towns, before had been occupied like an obligatory access for the Spaniards to Tenochtitlan. Actual town was established in 1702, 15 km distant form the original native settlement.

The market, town hall, San Jeronimo Parrish, Guadalupe sanctuary, Orduña and Juan Bautista de Tuzamapan ranches, take part of the colonial architecture, together with the white walls old houses and the roof tile, which possible to know just walking through its narrow streets.

Local food:

  • Bread Soup

  • Chicken Pot

  • Acamayas


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