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Veracruz Adventure - Tour By Mexico �Turn your adventure into something more. Live the risk of testing yourself and live intensely the controlled risk. Surround yourself of beautiful natural sceneries and feel the wild life to the utmost. Prepare yourself to experience natural magic attractions: from the outstanding dunes, to the rivers and waterfalls full with vegetation, passing trough high-snowed mountains and dive in coral reefs and crystal waters.

In this brochure, we introduce some of the rich possibilities that you only will find in Veracruz live them!


Witting the gamma of rivers where you will feel the adrenaline in a live fashion, Veracruz offers you different levels of river descent or rafting.

 Filobobos River, You have 3 different tours where you can practice kayak or rafting:

� ALTO FILO: stretch that is the way down witch the biggest slope. It comes from CUETZAPOTITLAN (2,500 above sea level) the most channeled part with extraordinary landscape, natural deeps for diving and water spring that can create waterfalls with heights up to 2Omt. You can take advantage of it and go for a clay corporal treatment and visit the grotto by means of a underground river in the order to finish by the bridge El Filo. Due to its difficulty level,
it is located in class IV and V.

Veracruz Rafting - Tour By Mexico � �� FlLO-EL ENCANTO: Stretch for level II and III beginning at the Bridge
El Filo, you will have the opportunity to observe an area of fossils built up in calcareous flat stones, natural slides and beautiful landscape. Do not forget to visit the CUAJILOTE and VEGA DE LA PE�A ruins that are just next to this river with fresh, but transparent waters.

 ��� EL ENCANTO-PALMILLA Stretch, tour that begins in the beautiful waterfall EL ENCANTO, know as the Catedral of Nature. You will go on a raft through an amazing and narrow canyon that is 200mt. high and 4mt. Wide in its narrowest point. The access is by rowing against the stream in the middle of beautiful play of lights and shadows within a full with moisture environment, mosses and ferns that seem to hang out from the canyon walls. The waterfall has 2 falls, the highest is 30mt. and forms a well where it is possible to swim. When uniting the Filobobos and Alseseca rivers you will experience thrilling rapids for level II.Veracruz Water Sport - Tour By Mexico �

Water Sports

Pescados or La Antigua River, You can start in Barranca Grande, where due to the difficulty of the terrain, it is recommended to camp one day or to go for the largest option and of high level that finishes just in Jacomulco, near Coatepec and to only 3 km far from Jalapa. This river has 17 rapids and at the end, it offers for the tired adventurer relaxing Temazcal baths and a varied regional kitchen having seafood as main course.

Actopan River, It presents incredible valleys and gullies along the Actopan ravine and in the Naolinco River, to only 32km from Jalapa. It is of minor risk and you can go out from the beautiful waterfall called El Descabezadero ideal to try Kayak.

Apazapan River, To only 45km far from Jalapa, we find El Carrizal (or Agua Caliente) a delicious Spa Natural where you can go in rapids up to La Antigua River.

By the COATZACOALCOS river, several sports are practiced, mainly water motorcycle marathon that takes place in March and the shad fishing tournament in July. Also in June and July several nautical competences take place
in Tuxpan.

Admire exotic places that make your rafting tour nicer going up from MINATITLAN up to HIDALGOTITLAN, go 18km of earthworks and arrive at "Manatee Lagoon" where a natural magnificent show is waiting for you when
in November thousands of birds from Canada and the United states arrive.

To the south of Veracruz, CATEMACO LAGOON is waiting for you with 12 small islands and multiple options for sailing, swimming, and sport fishing. Visit the ISLA DE LAS GARZAS and the one of MONOS, where a colony of macaques.

Brought from Thailand have adapted themselves to this habitat. If you have the chance, visit the

Go through narrow channels, only known by fishers of the CIENECA DEL FUERTE area, by using fiat bottom rafts. You will round a beautiful and thick area of maglares where armadillos, badgers, otter, serpents and birds of several species live. After admiring the irises blooming with incredible white and violet tones, you will be able to enjoy PLAYAS DE CASITAS and try delicious and original local seafood recipes. 

TAMIAHUA LAGOON invites you to go through estuaries and island, going to Barra de Cazones, offshore, where the landscape of typical boats arid the rich biodiversity will catch your attention. Enjoy the traditional large oysters. 

Just in front of ANTON LIZARDO beaches, there is ISLA DE EN MEDIO, witch crystal water ideal to dive and admire the beautiful coral and fish that live there. Only here you will find 11 out of the y reefs of the state.

Rappel - Trekking - Mountain Bike

Veracruz Rappel Trekking - Tour By Mexico �JALAPA offers a privileged landscape, wrapped in fog for a long period within the year, it san ecological paradise with abundance of animal and vegetation species. There is a gran gamma of options in order to ach interesting long walks and trekking. At only 3km.  From the city we find the forest Mesofilo de Monta�a, that for centuries has captured uncountable travelers.

Also near Jalapa (to only 19 km) we find XICO with its impressive vegetation that surrounds its 85-meter-high waterfall where heights will make you giddy.

In NAOLINCO 32 km form Jalapa, going to Perote and then to Misantla, you can go up to the gorge of Actopan and the Naolinco River. The ancient Volcano PICO DE ORIZABA or Citlaltepetl is the highest Mountain in Mexico (5,747m above sea level) which result ideal for the mountaineer of medium and high difficulty. It counts with 4 shelters in different heights.

With an extension of more than 5,500 acres, the Rio Blanco Canyon generates several waterfalls that after Orizaba they join Rio Escanela and form the Tuxpango Waterfall with incredible areas for climbing and camping. Also, you will be able to rappel in Punta Partida (next to the sea) or in COFRE DE PEROTE (with an altitude of 4,282 mt. Above sea level).

PEROTE offers you besides mountaineering, warm chalets surrounded by buffalos, deer and other species within a singular environment.

In FORTIN DE LAS FLORES, you can practice rappel at the bridge that crosses the Barranca de Metlac. Here the flora and fauna are varied and abundant.

In the northern part of the state, the Sierra Huayacocotla and Otontepec, we find CHICONTEPEC singular population with a beautiful view of the plain and the green landVeracruz Rappel Trekking - Tour By Mexico �scape that extends to the coast, near Cerro Postectila., (formed by blue-gray basaltic rock) where you can practice rappel in the Barrancas de Las Minas.

TUXTLA also known as the "Veracruzan Switzerland" is a rich area of contrasts, from the San Martin Volcano to the virgin landscape of their beaches. There are more than 270 species of birds, 7 of reptiles, 7 of amphibious and 100 mammals (such as ocelote, spider monkey, jaguarundi and nauyaca). Here the system La Amazonia is born (tropical forest environment), in the Sierra of Sta. Martha.
The CATEMACO LAGOON, santecomapan and La Encantada stand out. On the road to Catemaco (deviating by sihuapan) you will find SALTO EYIPLANTA, outstanding waterfall in the middle of exuberant vegetation. In this system, there are more than 500 Species of birds, 102 of mammals and more than 700 species of plants.

JALCOMULCO presents a humid tropical area surrounded by magnificent mango trees. Going down to the San Francisco Canyon, you arrive to the town of Xocilapa with singular small adobe houses. You can also visit COTLAMANI, a Totonac cemetery located on the top of a stair landing.

One ofthe most representative symbols of TLAPACOYAN is its famous CASCADA DE TOMATA, that offers at noon a Show where double and triple rainbows form.

Near the spring of the Rio Aiseseca, we find the Ecological Reserve Pancho Pozas, where the water comes out from the rocks forming spring wells so you can bathe Jacuzzi style. All the fiow is channeled and adorned with beautiful waterfalls.

HUATUSCO invites you to a forest where there are rabbits, squirrels and armadillos. These are more than 100 acres of Ecological Reserve and it is known as SELVA DE LA NIEBLA (Jungle of the fog) with exotic plants unique through the world.

Among cold and sun, you will go with your mountain bike up to a 4,000 - m height (above sea level) with a incomparable view between the paths of PICO DE ORIZABA by crossing narrow rivers formed by the melting of glaciers.


COSTA ESMERALDA has several kilometers of blue-green beaches with a tranquil swell and soft and delicate sand. It has a wide hotel and gastronomic infrastructure.Veracruz Beaches - Tour By Mexico �

NAUTA offers you fishing of red snapper, trout and pesugo, among others. Here colonies of sea turtles lay their eggs.

VERACRUZ, BOCA DEL RIO and ANTON LIZARDO, conform an area of beaches in order to enjoy the template temperature of the sea with soft wave

CHACHALACAS at only 88km from Jalapa, has its name due to the abundance of these bird in the area. Beach of soft sand and with come risky dunes to ride motorcycles or if you wish live the emotion of paragliding.

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