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Actopan, Veracruz, Mexico - Tour By Mexico �40 km away from Xalapa, Actopan city was center of an ancient prehispanic settle; according to the archeological pieces founded in these zone, the first human occupancy where established there around V century b.C. In the city excavations were found several tombs, pyramids rest and a ball court play.

Actopan river, which its shores were built the city, is ideal for rafting from the river source (place called as descabezadero), and to enjoy the mountainous landscape, the exuberant vegetation and the water streams flowing between the rocks. La Fiesta del Mango (mango's party) and the December 12th Virgin de Guadalupe are some of the typical festivities where the people dressed in colors and enjoy life, with typical joy of Veracruz population.

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