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Mexico plus 3 days tour
Mexico city package 4 days tour
The Best of Mexico city and Surroundings 9 days tour
Mexico - Taxco - Acapulco 5 days tour
Mexico - Taxco - Acapulco 8 days tour
Mexico - Merida - Cancun 9 days tour
Merida- Uxmal - Chichen Itza 3 days tour
Mini Yucatan 2 days tour

Passport to Mexico 7 days tour

The Magic of Mexico 9 days tour

Colonial Mexico 4 days tour
Tarahumara Pass 5 days tour
End of the Mayan World Tour 12 days tour (Dec.13 to 24, 2012)
Eco tours in Chiapas
Eco Tour Cormoran 3 days
Eco Tour Mayas Lacandon Jungle 3 days
Eco tour Las Guacamayas 3 days
Eco tour II las guacamayas 5 days
Eco tour Las Guacamayas and Las Nubes 4 days
Mayas eco tour IV 3 days
Ixchel eco tour V 3 days
Natura eco tour VI 2 days
Eco Tour Tapir 7 days
Eco Tour Passion of Water and Jungle 7 days
Eco Tour Trekking La Venta Canyon 2 days
Eco Tour Miramar Lagoon and Las Nubes 4 days
Eco Tour Miramar Lagoon 3 days
Eco Tour Tapir Route 5 days
Eco Tour Halcon 5 days
Eco Tour Tejon 2 days
Eco Tour Ocote Jungle 5 days
Eco Tour Ocote Jungle and La Encrucijada 6 days
Eco Tour Senda Maya 5 days
Eco Tour Jungle Adventure 6 days
Eco Tour Ocelote 7 days
Eco Tour Sendas del Sur 8 days
Eco Tour Sotano de la Lucha 3 days
Eco Tour La Venta Canyon and Apic Pac 4 days
Tours in Chiapas
Nichim   4 days tour
Ancient Maya Cities 4 days tour
Balam   5 days tour
Kin 5 days tour
Chiapas 6 days tour
Forest Ocote and La Encrucijada 6 days tour
Chiapas Magic Land 8 days tour
Trails of Water and Forest 8 days tour
Chiapas and Oaxaca 11 days tour
Tours in Chiapas
Tour Maya    7 days
Tour la ruta del pacifico y del cafe I 8 days
Tour la ruta del pacifico y del cafe II 6 days
Tour Chiapas and Yucatan Puuc Route 8 days
Tour Chiapas and Quintana Roo River Bec Route 9 days
Tour Maya Splendor 5 days
Tour TZOTZILES 6 days

Eco tours in Jalcomulco Veracruz
Package 1
Package 2
Package 3
Package 4


Tour Naturaleza y Cultura - Package 4
in Jalcomulco Veracruz

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Tour 3 Days - 2 Nights

About us -- e-mail

Day 01:
  • Get to Jalcomulco in the evening.
  • Welcome with staff presentation.
  • Itinerary discution.
  • Cultural walking (optional).
  • Dinner.




Day 02:
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Walking to "La Gotera"
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 18:00 Temazcal
  • 20:00 Dinner
  • 22:00 Batucada (groups bigger than 10 people)


Day 03:
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Relax Massage
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 / 16:00 departure


Net rate by person, in US Dollars: valid until December

Hostel or Camping

Hotel with AC
Double: Ask
Triple or Quadruple: Ask
Double: Ask
Triple or Quadruple: Ask

Rates per person, doesn’t include taxes, tips and drinks

Tour Include:

  • 3 Days of Activities

  • 2 hosting night

  • 6 Buffet meals

  • 1 Walking to "La Gotera"

  • 1 Relax Massage

  • 1 Cultural walking (optional) visit interest sites in the Jalcomulco town

  • 1 Temascal

  • Medical insurance

  • Equipment and specialized guides

  • Free use of our installations
    (swimming pool, gardens, ping-pong table, TV...)

Tour does NOT Include:

ANY Air ticket international or domestic or local airport taxes, personal charges, tips to bellboys and    chambermaids
And services not clearly mentioned in program.



Liability will be limited to the reimbursement of services not supplied for failure of our own service, and cannot be held responsible of acts of God, acts of the local government or any other authority, wars, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, epidemics, delays, loss or injury caused by reason of any company or person contracted by us, in our condition of Agent to carry out services. Liability is according the Mexican Law. All baggage carried at the Owner’s risk.

To enjoy of your Adventure with more comfort and safety as its possible, we recommend to bring with you next listed items: tennis or flip-flops (to wet), medium mountain boot (optional), short and bathing suit, t-shirts, neoprene clothing and raincoat, pants, cap, sun glasses, light backpack, flashlight, sun block, insect repellent

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