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The State of Tlaxcala is found in the part center - south - east of Mexico, between the parallel 19° 37'' and 98° 42' of west length of the meridian of Greenwich.

The State of Tlaxcala has a territorial extension of 1,914 km2., that represents 0.19% of the surface total of Mexico with a population of approximately 962,646 inhabitants.

The State of Tlaxcala limit to the south, east and northwest with the State of Puebla; to the north with the State of Hidalgo and to the west with the State of Mexico.

The the State of Tlaxcala name originates of the nahuatl and means "Place of corn bread or of tortillas of corn".

The climate in the State of Tlaxcala is tempered, moderately wet and with summer rains, except in the summit of the volcano of
The Malintzin in which is cold and rains with greater abundance.

For what is common, the days are fresh in the morning and temper to the noon, descending the temperature by the afternoon.
The annual mean temperature fluctuates between 12° and 18° C.

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