The State of Tamaulipas located to the northeast of Mexico, between the parallel 22° 12' 48'' and 27° 40' 47'' of north latitude and the meridian 1° 56' 55'' of length east and 1° 100' 46'' to the west.

In Tamaulipas the Cancer Tropic crosses north of Bustamante, to the south Ciudad Victoria and Soto la Marina and north of
Llara and of Aldama.

Tamaulipas limit to the north, with USA; to the south with the State of Veracruz and with the State of San Luis Potos�; to the east with the Gulf of Mexico and to the west with the State of Nuevo Leon. Tamaulipas has an extension territorial of 79,829 km2., distributed in 43 municipalities with a population of approximately 2'753,222 inhabitants.

Exist several versions on the meaning of Tamulipas name, that they are: " High Mountains", "Tribe of Olives" and "Place where is prayed much".

For the vast of Tamulipas territory and geographical characteristics, exist several types of climate. The north central part where it is semi dry and semi warm, with scarce rains during all the year. The south zone and the southeast, they have warm climates sub wet, where rains in summer and by finishing, in the Mother Saw the climate varies of warm to temperate depending of the height.

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