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The Cathedral of Tampico - Tour By Mexico ®Tampico City is located 243 km. to the southeast of Ciudad Victoria in the State of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Tampico port holds the first place among Mexico's exporting ports, and is a Customs Station.

The Metropolitan Zone of Tampico, Madero and Altamira, enjoys a privileged geographic location being only 500 km from the US border. To the south, limits with the Panuco River which also acts as border with the State of Veracruz. To the east with the Gulf of Mexico and to the west with the state of San Luis Potosi.
Its weather is tropical sub-humid, warm and extreme, being its average annual temperature of only 24® C with maximum readings of 36.8° C and minimum of 9.7° C. The Metropolitan zone has an extensive highway that link it with the rest of Mexico. The north, the Highway 81 to Cd. Victoria (232 Km) connects to Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo; at Manuel it links with Highway 180 to Matamoros (494 Km) and in Gonzalez it joins with Highway 80 that goes to Cd. Mante (153 Km) and San Luis Potosi. To the west, Highway 110 to Cd. Valles (138 Km) links the region with the Mexico central region.

The City of Tampico is and has been through the years, an important site for sport events of international magnitude since it has excellent installations within its private clubs and an excellent geographic location. In Golf one of the main events is the Holy Week Tournament. Fishing is one of the traditional sports in the region due to its great variety of species and its excellent geographic location of the region. Annually, several tournaments are held of great tradition in Mexico and southern United States.

Historical Downtown, To visit the Centro Historico de Tampico (Tampico's Historical Downtown) is a "must do" to all tourist arriving at Tampico. Here the elegance and cultural lineage that the city had during Porfirio Diaz' era is reflected. Besides, you will find good restaurants and prestige stores so it is recommended to take some time to enjoy all of what this place has to offer.

Kiosco Plaza de Armas in TampicoThe best way to visit the Historical Downtown is walking. If you drive your own vehicle, it is recommended to park it one of many parking lot facilities available since it is difficult to find parking spaces on the streets that will result in precious time lost for your group.

If you haven't had breakfast, you will find many options in Tampico's Historical Downtown depending on the type of food you like. In the cafeterias and the hotel's restaurants you  can find complete course meals, but if what you really like is to try our typical cuisine and would not mind losing a little bit of comfort, we will recommended you the Mexican sandwiches made with French style bread) situated near the Maritime Customs Office, one block away from the Plaza de la Libertad ( Liberty Square ) and the barbecue style tacos at  the city market. After a good breakfast, a good walk it is recommended. You can start by the way has a good underground parking lot.

In Tampico you can visit interesting places such as:

  • The Cathedral Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! Fresco into Catedral Vitral into Catedral, The Cathedral of Tampico, a.k.a. Temple of the Immaculate Conception, is a construction that date back to the XIX Century, and got its present look after several restorations done. Its facade, of Neoclassic Style in light brown canter, has built it Corinthian style columns and three enormous doors that give access to the temple. It has two towers made of three bodies. The orient one has a London clock, gift from Don Angel Sainz Trapaga. In its interior, which has been refurbished recently, there are several wall paintings and other works of art and a beautiful altar Carrara white marmol that resides at its center the image of the Immaculate Conception.

  • The Plaza de Armas or Plaza de la Constitucion Click Here!, Adjacent to Colon Street  on the Municipal Palace side, to Carranza Street on the Cathedral's side and to the Olmos and Diaz Miron Streets by several commercial establishments.
    In 1945, a gazebo located in the center of the plaza was built designed by architect Oliverio Cade®o, transforming its gardens with a "huasteca" style where you will be able to see squirrels climbing trees.

  • The Liberty Square in TampicoThe Liberty Square Click Here!, The Plaza de la Libertad (Liberty Square) was also remodeled and it now  has its original beauty.
    At the center, there is a beautiful gazebo made of forged iron, a replica of the one initially built. Surrounding the plaza you will find the most beautiful buildings, most of them "Art Noveau" and very similar to those from New Orleans.

  • Municipally Palace Click Here!, To the west of the Plaza de Armas the Municipal Palace is Located. Its design was done by the architect Enrique Canseco and was built around 1928 and 1933, Inside, there is a wall paint that reflects the history

  • Historical Downtown, Here the elegance and cultural lineage that the city had during Porfirio Diaz era is reflected.

  • The University Center

  • The Gastronomic Market Click Here!

  • The Sea Crafts Market

  • The Bridge Tampico Click Here!, If you are traveling  in your own vehicle, we recommend you a beautiful and relaxing tour of the Puente Tampico (Tampico Brigde). This bridge connects the states of Tamaulipas and Veracruz. Only a few kilometers after crossing the bridge, now in the State of Veracruz , you will find "La Ribera", a beautiful place where you can enjoy fresh seafood and other typical foods prepared in rustical restaurants situated along the Laguna de Tamiahua shoreline. In the same way is "El Solito", an ecological center in which you can see zebras, deer, buffaloes and giraffes among other animals.

  • Antique building of Luz y Fuerza Click Here!, The Hacienda Building (a.k.a. edificio de la Antigua Compa®ia de Luz) that was built around 1918 and 1922. Between the last mentioned building there is a monument honoring the people who repopulated Tampico. This monument was built in 1923 when the 100th year of the foundation of city.

  • The Santa Cruz Temple

  • The Piramide de las Flores, The Flower's Pyramid is located only one block away from the Hidalgo Avenue on the Chariel Avenue at the Colonia Flores. This is a mount site of circular from and dates back to the year 1000 AC. It is a sample of the indigenous Tampico. The Piramide de las Flores can be seen from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

  • Maritime Customs Building Click Here!, Historical building of the CustomsAt the end of Aduana Street you will find the Edificio de la Aduana (Maritime Customs Building), this is the pride of the Tampico people due to its beauty and for its high historical value. This building was constructed while Don Porfirio Diaz was resident of Mexico. He personally ordered by catalog from Europe arriving by ship. Its construction started in 1898 and was inaugurated by Don Porfirio Diaz on 16th October 1902. Recently, a peasant bridge has been built to facilitate the access of visitors. Guided tours are offered on a daily basis from 9:00am to 12:00pm and from 3:00pm to 6:00pm

  • New building of the Customs Click Here!

  • The Chairel Lagoon, In addition of being the most important water reservoir in the region, is a tourism landmark due to its beauty and navigation access where you can practice several water sports like canoeing, jet sky, and sport fishing. On its margins there are several residential areas and the Club de Regatas Corona, a private yacht club that organizes several fishing tournaments through the whole year. You can also find public parks such as the Fray Andres de Olmos Park and the San Pedro Park. The Fray Andres de Olmos Park has "palapas", a incline for boats, spits and a dock for swimmers. The San Pedro Park is an ecological park with walking roads, ideal for a walk admiring the beautiful view of the Lagoon.

  • House of Culture, That sits right on the old building of the Municipal Slaughterhouse, built in 1923 and abandoned for many years. This beautiful building made of red brick and beautiful glass is located half a block away from the Avenida Hidalgo (Hidalgo Avenue). Is the site for the History City's Records. In addition, it also has several areas that frequently hold paint exhibitions, sculptures, and several other cultural events of great interest.

  • The building of Mail's Click Here!

  • The building of Telegrafos Nacionales Click Here!, The Telegraph Co. Building, Post Office Building built around 1907 and the Obregon building where the Hotel Central was located.

  • Building of the DIF Tampico Click Here!, Another of the buildings surrounding the Arms Square that still maintains its original style is the DIF building. Built by Mr. Abel Navarro in 1925, it has several Art Noveau decorations and forged iron balconies now being used by the DIF ( a government organization for family counseling and planning), where all aid programs for the family and the needed children are being drawn.

  • The Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, Also as Metro is located an the margins of the Laguna del Carpintero, less than a kilometer away from the Tampico's Historical DowntowThe Espacio Cultural Metropolitano in Tampicon and could be reached through the Adolfo Lopez Mateos Boulevard. Inside its installations it houses the Metropilitan Theater, an experimental theater, the Temporary Exhibits Gallery and the Museo de La Cultura Huasteca (Museum of the Huasteca Culture) in addition to lobby, the library; educational services area, covered parking and area for 3500 people in conjunction with a soon to be opened restaurant. The Metropolitan Theater has a capacity for 1172 people in two levels, in addition to 10 spaces for handicapped people. It has the cutting edge technology that includes a modern lighting system. The Metro is the site for the Huasteca Culture Museum. This museum is dedicated to the Huasteca Culture in location that is inside the region where this civilization flourished, the inhabitants of the region and its visitors will have the opportunity to know through this important archeological and ethnographical collection the roots and the development of this culture. The Experimental Theater is site for the "Taller de Artes Escenicas", it has a capacity for 320 people, and allows due to its module structure, for vide sessions, movie clubs, poetry forums, "pocket theater", music concerts, and several other types of encounters. The Gallery of Temporary has a capacity to receive and meet the technical requirements requested by the museums around the world to support a wide variety of domestic and international exhibits. The Mediateca will have the "cutting edge" electronics to allow the access of the required information, and will be a reference source to consult a wide variety of themes for the visitor regarding the research of the Huasteca Culture.

Other attractions of Tampico City are:

  • The golf courses

  • The Carpintero Lagoon Click Here!

  • Beach Miramar Click Here!, This beautiful beach is one of the major tourism places that the Metropolitan Zone has. It is located within the boundaries of Ciudad Madero only half an hour from Tampico's Historical Downtown. The white and fine sand, pleasant waves and good ambient had made this beach and ideal place for domestic and foreign tourists, that will find several options to enjoy of a suBeach Miramar in Maderonny day. Its well-sloped seabed makes feasible to swim far from the coast with ease.

    In this beautiful beach located in the shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico, you will find rustic shade palapas at the shoreline, a popular recreational center with playgrounds, bar  and restaurant service, the Plaza de Gobernadores (Governor's Square) and some hotels located at the Coastal Boulevard.

    At the southern tip of this beach, you will find the Malecon, a.k.a. Las Escolleras, a road strip of 1340 meters built during the administration of Don Porfirio Diaz to allow ships to enter the Panuco River from the Gulf of Mexico. There are several huge concrete structures on its side called "las matatenas", one popularly known because it was moved from its place by a huracane in 1988, lying on a side of the road as a testimony of the anger of Mother Nature. At the end of the road you will enjoy a beautiful scenery as well as the entrance and departure of enormous ships.

  • The wharf's

  • A tour by the Panuco River, The Panuco River crosses Tampico and Ciudad Madero until its final exit with the Gulf of Mexico. Its server a boundary line between our State and the State of Veracruz. One of the suburban areas that are located along its path is the Colonia Morelos, a fishing settlement where in addition several restaurants have established its reigns where you can enjoy seafood like. This tour last approximately therr hours and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Maritime Customs Building, the docks, where you will find several sea going merchant ships, the navy shipyards, and the Marine oil platforms construction sites to end with s beautiful view of the lighthouse at the Miramar Beach. This boat has daily tours two or three times a day, having a capacity for 100 people, and in addition offers restaurant service and local regional live music.

Sport fishing is one of the sports that can be practiced here. Due to its geographic location near the Gulf of Mexico, rivers, numerous lagoons, dams and other water bodies. The richness of its natural resources reflects in its gastronomy, being this region a paradise for the good food lovers

Tampico has magnificent hotels and restaurants. Nearby you can visit Ciudad Madero, whose main attractions are the Miramar Beach and the Museum of the Huasteca which is found inside the Regional Technological Institute.

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