Matamoros is a frontier City located 91 km. to the southeast of Reynosa in the State of Tamaulipas by the federal highway 2 in Mexico.

Strategically well located at the Mexican-American border, Matamoros receives a geographic privilege that hosts thousands of visitors from within and abroad each year who come here knowing that they are welcomed with a happy smile and friendly hand.

Founded in 1774 under the name of "San Juan de Los Esteros Hermosos", Matamoros is named in honor of Don Mariano Matamoros, insurgent soldier and priest who died during the Mexican War of Independence.

In 1851 for it’s brave and heroic deed rejecting a bloody separatist assault during the hostilities between Centralist and Separatists following the Mexican-American War, the State and Federal Congress awarded our proud Matamoros city the titles of "Heroic, Unconquered and Loyal".

Come and open the door to a modern and dynamic city, to the wonders of a noble and generous land. Matamoros, the gateway to Mexico is a city that encompasses magic, tradition, and shares with you the joy of its streets embellished by the splendor of its history.

Matamoros is a city that prides itself to offer our guests security, comfort ability, a wide range of services such as first class hotels, a great deal of restaurants where one can enjoy Northern Mexico and local cuisine, and many cultural and business centers to suit any taste. All this makes our city, a tourist attraction worth visiting and where one can witness a modern city in hand with its history.

Matamoros invites you to find the magic that has captivated the people who have chosen it as a place to spend a pleasant time. It is our desire to be able to share with you our City’s culture, hospitality and the spirit of friendship that characterizes the people of Matamoros.

Today Matamoros holds an exceptional ensemble of historical buildings and public spaces for our guests to enjoy. Join us then for a stroll down the streets of our past and be enchanted by the history and beauty of our magnificent city.

Among Matamoros interesting places are:

  • The Main Square where you can see monuments honoring Hidalgo and Juarez

  • The Museum of the Maize

  • Puerta Mexico or New Bridge. Inaugurated in 1928 to communicated Matamoros with its sister City of Brownsville, Texas. In 1963 it was remodeled under the administration of Mexican president Adolfo Lopez Mateos. The unique structure of the bridge the gateway between Mexico and the United States.

  • Bellas Artes (Calle Ocho and Calle Hidalgo). Originally built in the 19th century to serve as a hospital for civilians and military servicemen. In 1970 it underwent drastic changes in its interior and exterior design. Today it houses the Institute Regional de Bellas Artes, promoting culture among the inhabitants of Matamoros.

  • Casa Cross (Corner of Calle Siete and Calle Herrera). Built by and English descendant that settled in Matamoros with his family to take care of businesses and ranches in Tamaulipas, Don Meliton H. Cross, it is the only Victorian style home in Northern Mexico. A beautiful house built in 1885, it was acquired in 1991 by Don Filemon Garza Gutierrez and remodeled to its original structure.

  • Juarez Market Square (Downtown Matamoros, Calle Matamoros between Calle Nueve and Calle Diez). Without a doubt our tourists and visitors will enjoy walking through the halls of the Juarez Market filled with colorful Mexican folklore and arts.

  • Casa Iturria (Calle Sexta in front of Teatro Reforma). Built in 1860 with a colonial style, among its features are continuous balconies and unique cornices.

  • Teatro de la Reforma (Corner of Calle Sexta and Calle Abasolo). Also called "The opera Theater", it was originally built in 1865. In 1904 it witnessed a historical moment when for the first time in Tamaulipas our country’s national anthem was interpreted by its composer Don Jaime Nuno.

  • City Hall (Calle Sexta between Calle Gonzalez and Calle Morelos). Originally built in 1831, it has undergone several styles over the years: 1870 French Creole style. 1934 California style. 1958 contemporary style. 1995 rebuilt to imitate the French Creole style that constituted the original building.

  • Plaza Hidalgo (Calle Sexta between Calle Gonzalez and Calle Morelos). Originally established as a meeting place for the urban line by the founding families in the corner of Calle Quinta and Calle Matamoros, it was relocated in 1814 to the area where it is today. It was named after Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, father of our country’s independence from the Spanish colonization.

  • Cathedral of "Nuestra Señora del Refugio" (Calle Quinta between Calle Gonzalez and Calle Morelos). Built in 1832, it has suffered many hurricanes and has been rebuilt maintaining its original French Creole style. In 1958 Pope John XXlll created the New Dioceses for Matamoros and assigned as Cathedral the church of "Nuestra Se�ora del Refugio". Today it beautifies the center of our city.

  • Casamata Museum (Calle Degollado and Calle Guatemala). Built in 1865, it served as a small fort just before the Mexican-American War. Restored in 1970, today it is one of the oldest surviving buildings from the period and an important museum that exhibits relics of our city’s past and present.

  • Bagdad Beach (Approximately 20 miles from the bridge. Calle Lauro Villar). Our beach, Playa Bagdad is the center stage for "El Festival del Mar" (Festival of the Sea).This recreational spot is also a natural treasure visited by thousands of people each year. It is an ideal place for fun in the sun.

Matamoros principal celebrations are the Mexican Festivities of Matamoros celebrated 6 days before Lent, with a parade of floats, fairs and many others attractions

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