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Ciudad Mante is located an Highway 80 only 153 Km. from Tampico, this is a city that has on its surroundings vast attractions for the tourist, it distinguishes itself for it ecotourism and adventure-tourism that can be had year round. This city has hotel and all necessary infrastructure for the tourist in addition to 8 city squares, an open-air auditorium that has been recently inaugurated. At the main square you can admired to monument to Don Benito Juarez and a sculpture named the Unity's Flame. The following are some of the nearby sites of interest:

Among Ciudad Mante principal attractions are:

  • La Aguja, On the loop highway, 200 meters with the junction to Highway 85 to Ciudad Valles you will find the best access road to La Aguja. Walking 4 km on an unpaved but in good conditions road. The Aguja is a natural water resort facility that was created with the construction of dam on the Mante River. It has basic installations for a picnic day like cook out facilities and tables under the shadow of the trees as well as children's playground. It is recommended to take your bathing suit and your own food and drinks

  • En Nacimiento, Following the same trail, 4 km ahead, you will get to El Nacimiento. This is an ideal place to practice swimming and enjoy nature, This site has parking facilities as well as a small restaurant served by the locals. It also has rental swimming gear, row boats and other equipment that will allow you to get inside the cave that is formed at the footsteps of the mountain range where the waters surges from deep the Sierra de Cucharas.

  • La Gruta del Quintero, This is a cavity on the Sierra de Cucharas mountain range situated only 5 and a half Km from the exit to Ciudad Mante on Highway 85 to Ciudad Valles; where you will find a small signal on the right hand side that will guide you to this place. After crossing the town of Quintero, 2 Km. on a paved street, you will find another signal directing you to the cave, where it will take you through an unpaved road (in somewhat regular conditions) for one and a depth of several meters.

  • La Cueva del Abra, This is another cave on the Sierra de Cucharas  mountain range that is accessible to visitors and is located 4 Km ahead from the access to Gruta de Quintero using the same Highway 85 to Ciudad Valles. Here, you can admire the underground that is located at the bottom of the cave that has main funnel of 116 meters and was partially descent by espeologist from Texas in 1956.

  • Ex-Hacienda El Naranjo or Castillo de la Nueva Polonia, This constructions is located at the town of Nueva Polonia, 50 Km from the town of El Abra, This was the main building of the Hacienda El Naranjo, belonging to Mr. Joaquin Meade who gave it the from of a castle at the beginning of the XX Century. Inside, this wealthy entrepreneur welcomed the visit of great personalities like Don Porfiirio Diaz. Inside the land of this Hacienda there was a railroad facility of the Tantoyuquita Railroad, a vital communication center of Tampico with the rest of Mexico and the World. Today it is abandoned; even so it is worthwhile to pay it a visit to admire its grandeur architectural style and the fine details that can still be seen on it.

  • Las Playitas del Limon, Only 12 Km from Ciudad Mante to the north on Highway 85 to Ciudad Victoria you will find the town of El Limon. When you reach this town you will see a small signal directing you to the entrance of the Playitas de El Limon,
    a natural paradise situated on the Sabinas River and the Frio River whose waters have little depth and you can swim and enjoy mother's nature under the shadow of beautiful trees.

  • The Napkin Canyon, The Canyon is the path for the Boquillas or Comandante River through the Cucharas Mountain Range. It has an extension of 2.5 Km reaching its walls in some sites heights of 120 meters. Most of the year, the river can be crossed on foot, there are small ponds between the stones and there is a rustic elevated transportation at one of its sides to cross it during rainy season and enjoy he view. The combination of the large rocks, the exuberant trees and the sand where there are some small shells to be found, make this place an extraordinary site to spend a peaceful day in contact with nature and do some swimming.

  • El Salto, El Salto is a natural water recreation facility formed by a small waterfall where you can spend an enjoyable day and do some swimming. It is located a couple of kilometers before reaching the Ejido La Azufrosa. If you can follow a trial from Ejido El Nacimiento to this place. If you come from Aldama you can take a detour that is found off the Highway at the exit to the Ejido La Azufrosa.

  • La Muralla, This is a bay that is from in the river where you can swim and spend a picnic day. It has unsurpassed beauty due to the combination of its waters with an enormous rock wall located in one of its sides. After Aldama, on the same Highway 180 to Soto La Marina, drive 33 Km until reaching the Ejido Nuevo Progreso where you make a right turn and take a trail for about five minutes.

  • Presa Republica Española o Presa El Sombrerito, This Dam is located within the municipality of Aldama, in addition of being one of the most important waterworks of the state, is also an attraction for sport fishing. The entrance to this dam is located at the km 78 of Federal Highway 180 Manuel-Soto La Marina where there is detour to the entrance to the dam and the towns of Vidal and Los Alazanas. Several fishing campgrounds can be found in its surroundings that offer all required services, the main species found here is the black bass.

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