Plaza de Armas in AltamiraAltamira is the largest city of the Metropolitan Zone. It is the site for some of the most important petrochemical plants in Mexico. Altamira has also some of the best beaches and lagoons of the State of Tamaulipas; the Altamira Beach and the Golden Dunes Beach.

The Temple of Santiago Apostol, built circa 1750 and 1752, it is located in downtown. It is considered a national landmark of the XVIII Century. In an effort to develop an Historical Downtown, the local authorities have refurbished the "Constitution Square", under its gazebo a small underground museum was built, this museum, named after Jose Reyes Meza has as part of its displays an archaeological statue of what is believed to be the "fertility goddess".

Other tourism attractions are the Champayan and Marismas lagoons, which are the ideal places for the fishermen, photographers and environmental tourist. There are several archaeological ruins know as the "Cues de Palmas Altas".

In Altamira you can visit interesting places such as:

  • Cathedral, Click Here!

  • Playa Tesoro

  • Palacio de Justicia, Click Here!

  • Presidencia Municipal, Click Here!

  • Playa Dunas Doradas

  • Campayan Lagoon, Click Here!

  • Tamesi River

  • El Fuerte

  • Miralta Lagoon's

  • Plaza de Armas, Click Here!

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