The municipality of Aldama is located on the southeastern part of the State of Tamaulipas, at 115 Km form Tampico. Aldama has three important rivers, the Tigre, the Barberena and the Carizal, in addition with the Republica Espa�ola Dam, a.k.a. Presa del Sombrerito that is used for irrigation, recreation and fishing. The Municipality of Aldama has several tourism natural sites of interest like water pools, well and the beautiful beach of Barra de Tordo. Among the main tourism attractions there are:

Among Aldama principal attractions are:

  • La Barra del Tordo, Located only 36 kilometers to the northeast off Aldama, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Tamaulipas shoreline, being also an ideal place for sport fishing. Through its shores the Carrizal River crosses forming a complex and beautiful ecosystem with rich and abundant vegetation and fauna. In addition, this place is considered as a sanctuary for the Lora Turtle that every year reaches the beach to reproduce.

  • El Nacimiento de Aldama, This is a natural place where the river is born. Here, you can enjoy beautiful vegetation and swim in its peaceful waters, being and ideal place to spend a picnic day. The best way to get there is taking the detour at the 27 Km of the Highway 180 (Manuel Aldama) to the Ejido La Colmena. There is a 3km trail in good conditions, reaching this Ejido and passind the school, make a right turn and go straight on the same road for 5 Km to the Ejido El Naciemiento.
    Once there, any of its inhabitants can indicate the best way to get to this place.

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