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Welcome to Tabasco, a tropical land with exuberant vegetation, and a land of history, rich in Mexico Golf cost in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico �traditions. It sa the flowering of one of the most ancient and important Mesoamerican civilizations, the Olmec, and later the Maya dominated the region.

The State of Tabasco is located to the southeast of Mexico and occupies a surface of 24,475.24 km2 with a population of approximately 1'891,829  inhabitants.

Jalpa de Mendez in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico �In the past local people earned a living from farming, cattle ranching and trade and during the 19th and 20th centuries, the city became an important distribution center for tropical crops such as bananas, cacao and hardwoods. However, the oil boom changed the face of the city, since it drew people from all over the country, which in turn required the construction of new housing developments.

Tabasco limit to the north with the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest with the State of Campeche, to the southwest with the Republic of Guatemala, to the south with the State of Chiapas and to the west with the State of Veracruz. Has 17 municipalities understood in 4 zones (The Chontalpa, The Center, The Saw and The Rivers).Grijalva River in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico �

The nahuas were calling to this Mayan territory ONOHUALCO, when was governing by Taabz Cobb and the powers were residing in its capital Comalcalco.

The word Tabasco is derived from the voice Tla-uash-co, that in Mexican language means "Place that has owner", though some translate it as "waterlogged Earth".
27 of March of 1519, Taabz Cobb swear obedience to the king of Spain.

Due to Tabasco location and to its scarce increase on the level of the sea, the climate is warm with maritime influence, being registered a minimal temperature of 15° to 20° C., of January to February and a maxim of 40° C., of April to June. The annual average is greater to 26° C.


  • Cascadas de Villa Luz: Cascadas de Villa Luz in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � Eager to reach the plain, the state's rivers flow down from the hills in a majestic cascade of white water which has its source in a cave known as the Cueva de las Sardinas Ciegas, Villa Luz is lovely spot with sulfur-rich springs and luxuriant tropical vegetation.
  • Laguna el Cometa: El Cometa Lagoon in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � At the heart of Pantanos de Centla Biosphere Reserve, the Cometa lagoon is a refuge for countless
    species of birds.
  • Zona arqueologica Comalcalco: Comalcalco archeological zone in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � Comalcalco archaeological site, westernmost city of the Maya and the only one built with baked clay brick instead of stone.
  • Cupilco: Cupilco in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � Located in the Chontalpa region, Tabasco's most attractive church is also its most colorful. Its facade depicts the appearance of the Virgin Mary to Juan Diego.
  • Villahermosa Tabasco: Villahermosa in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � A prosperous city that moves to the rhythm of the Tropics, Villahermosa is traversed by the Grijalva and Carrizal rivers, in addition to several beautiful lagoons.
  • Grutas del Cocona: Cocona Grotto in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � Soaring vaults, an underground lake and fantastic formations sculpted in the rock over time astound visitors to the Cocona Caves in La Sierra region.
  • Dios Jaguar: Jaguar God in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � Sacred animal, symbol of power and nobility, the jaguar was associated with the creation of the Olmec people. In the guise of jaguars, ancient rules could cross over into the spirit world at will.
  • La Danza de El Pocho: El Pocho dance in Tabasco, Mexico - Tour By Mexico � The El Pocho dance, Carnival time in Tenosique. Masked dancers known as Cojoes, the women called Pochoveras, and men disguised as jaguars perform a dance symbolizing the hunt for the tiger, its captured, death and resurrection

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