The ceremonial center of Pomona is 39 km (24 mi) from the city of Tenosique and 249 km (1 55 mi) from Villahermosa. This Mayan city thrived between 600 and 900 A.D.A. unique type of limestone was used to build Pomona setting it apart from other archeological sites in the area.  Pomona spans 175 hectares and consists oPomona in Tabasco, Mexicof six groups of buildings on the right bank of the Pomona stream. Although Pomona isn't as large as Comalcalco, Palenque or, Reforma, it is strategically located between two regions: the floodplain of the Usumacinta, and the valleys and mountains through which the river also flows.

Pomona flourished during the late Classic period and reached its demise in the Early post-Classic. The ancient city was a key player in regional politics and trade due to its relationship with states in the Peten. Of the site's groupings only one Pomona in Tabasco, Mexicohas been excavated to date. Near the entrance to the site are three buildings surrounding a large plaza with a central temple. The first building, to the north, is a pyramid base with a rectangular floor and circular altar mounted on four columns. At the foot of the building is a stone disk on cylinder bases. 

The building to the east consists of two low platforms reached by stairs and flanked by four decorated flights of stairs.

A small altar built in the talud tablero style (inclined walls faced with carved panels) lies in the center of the plaza, a flight of stairs runs down each of its four sides. The building to the west comprises four joined structures, each with its own stairway. These buildings contain bas-reliefs depicting ornately dressed individuals, probably rulers or their courtiers.

Pomona has its own museum with exhibits of pottery and stone carvings unearthed at he site.

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