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Sinaloa is a privileged land in Mexico, as much for its territorial extension as for the natural wealth that it has. Sinaloa has a surface area of 58,328 sq. kilometers split into 18 municipalities with a population of 2,536,844 inhabitants.

Sinaloa is located between parallels 22° 22' and 27° 18' north latitude and 107° 13' and 109° 02' west longitude occupying the northern zone of the Mexican coast of the Pacific Ocean.

The State of Sinaloa borders the State of Sonora and the State of Chihuahua to the north; the State of Durango to the east;
the State of Nayarit south to the south, and the California Gulf and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Sinaloa is a natural north-south corridor that contains big rivers, rich submarine layers, beaches, estuaries, dense jungles and mountains and deserts.

The visitor interested in exploring Sinaloa can choose between excellent means of reaching the state. The international Mexico-Nogales highway is the spinal column of communication to which are connected the other roads such as the Mazatlan - Durango highway and state and municipal highways. The visitor may also use the Railway of the Pacific and the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway, as well as several national and international connecting flights.

The name "Sinaloa" derives from the Cahita dialect and was composed of "sina" (kind of Pithaya) and "lobala" (round house),
so that Sinalobala eventually became Sinaloa and means a kind of round Pithaya.

The Tropic of Cancer crosses Sinaloa near Mazatlan and this is the determinant factor in its climate. The coastal plain is warm and wet during the summer and spring-like in the winter. Near the mountains it is temperate, and in the heights of the western Sierra Madre mountains it is extremely cold.

Sinaloa is split into three climatic zones. Southward from the River Piaxtla to the border of the State of Nayarit it is a tropical plain. In the north in the municipalities of Guasave and Sinaloa, it is an arid plain and near Sonora it changes into semi-desert.

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