El Quelite



CharreriaEl Quelite is located 33 kilometers north of Mazatlan just across the Tropic of Cancer between the Sierra Madre Occidente mountains and the Pacific Ocean on Highway No. 15 on the right of the El Quelite river. These natural elements create a diverse and interesting flora and fauna.3

Click HereThe economy in this area is based on cattle raising, agriculture, fruit growing and dairy products. This area is a "living" museum of the architecture that existed here in the past. In its temple you can admire oil paintings from the late 17th Century.
A stroll through the town square, filled with tropical palm trees, is like taking a walk up the hill called Cerro de la Cruz, admire a beautiful sunset, ride a horse, visit the biggest game cock farm in the Northwest of Mexico and also watch a charreria, (a Mexican rodeo) or a Ulama game Rodeo(a game that is like soccer and has been played since ancient times in this area). The sound of band music playing El Quelite, a famous folk song composed by Francisco Terriquez, can always be heard around town.

Enjoy the fine cuisine, such as the local dishes called machaca, asado and chilorio. These will satisfy even the most discerning palate.


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