Sn. Juan Bautista Church in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, MexicoBadiraguato is located just 88 kms. northeast of Culiacan. It lies along the banks of the Badiraguato Stream and it is located north of Adolfo Lopez Mateos Reservoir, also known as Varejonal Dam, which is an ideal place for fishing.

A very attractive region in the municipality is Surutato, which has been proposed to become a National Park. Surutato is 78 kms. east of Baridaguato, where excellent hunting prevails: of interest is the organization of this community into domestic industries and the growing of a variety of flowers for commercial purposes.

Also found in this municipality is the extinct volcano of Batamanea with a large lake
in its crater.

El Charcon in Bairaguato, Sinaloa, MexicoAnother place of prime beauty is the village of Tameapa surrounded by large forests and flowers of various colors. Vestiges of old Jesuit Missions may be seen in the village of Marirato. It is interesting to note that the long Badiraguato Bridge was the first of its type built in Sinaloa an the state's second longest with a length of 244 mts.

Some of its main attractions are:

  • Lagoon formed on mouth of Baramanea Volcano, Click Here!!

  • Esplanade of City Hall, Click Here!!

  • Hector R. Olea Casta�os House Culture, Click Here!!

  • Lovely Sunset at Badiraguato River, Click Here!!


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