The State of San Luis Potosi, is proud to offer to the tourism a rich inheritance historical and artistic, where the influence of the past is notable in their habits and in the way of life of their inhabitants, simple people, opened and friendly, who will always receive you with open arms. Furthermore, it is counted on all the tourism facilities to make more burnished your stay.

San Luis Potosi is located in the central portion of Mexico, between 34° 33' and 21° 10' of north latitude and 98° 21' and 102° 15' of west length. The Tropic of Cancer crosses it in the northern zone.

The San Luis Potosi territory, in a way very irregular and angular, is extended in more than two-thirds in the high plateau; the other fractions correspond to the Saw Eastern Mother and to the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico.

San Luis Potosi has a surface of 62,848 km2 with a population of approximately 2'299,360 inhabitants. It adjoins to the north with the State of Coahuila; to the northeast with the State of Nuevo Leon and with the State of Tamaulipas; to the east with the
State of Veracruz; to the south, with the State of Guanajuato, with the State of Queretaro and with the State of Hidalgo; to the southwest with the State of Jalisco; and to the west, with the State of Zacatecas.

The name of San Luis Potosi was given in honor of San Luis, French King and Potosi was used to compare the wealth of the mines of the Hill of San Pedro with those of Potosi in Bolivia. Other versions of the origin of the name is that was given as homage to the Viceroy Luis of Velasco.

The State of San Luis Potosi is perfectly linked with the most important points of the National territory, since the lines Aguascalientes - San Luis Potosi - Tampico, cross the east entity to west. And the Mexico - Laredo makes it of south to north.

San Luis Potosi is considered one of the most important railway centers in the country, due to the magnitude of its installed workshops above all in the capital and Cardenas, and by the length of its railroads that puts it in sixth place nationally.

In San Luis Potosi the topography and of the different altitude (goes from 68 to 3 thousand meters), the conditions of the climate differ notably in the different parts of the State. In the Huasteca, it is tropical with rains in the summer; in the high zone of the Saw Eastern Mother, tempered and in the high plateau the climate is arid and semi-arid.

The annual temperatures average is: maximum 25.7° C. and minimal of 10.7° C.

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