Real de Catorce



Real de Catorce is situated 284 km from San Luis Potosi City by the federal highway 57 in the State of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Real del Catorce is a mining City. Click Here ! Click Here !

Its main attractions are:

  • The Casa de la Moneda (House of the Money)

  • The Municipal Palace with sober facades

  • The Commerce Square with its metal kiosk

  • Tunel Ogarrio 

  • Palenque

  • Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe

  • Calzada Zaragoza

  • Santiago Bridge

  • Jesus Bridge

  • La Purisima Bridge

  • La Teneria Bridge

  • Shadow Town

  • El Quemado

  • Hill of the Oregano

  • The cemetery with its high fence and its chapels

  • Parroquia de la Purisima Concepcion Click Here !

  • A bullring

  • The Parroquial Museum, where old photographs and objets found in mines and constructions are exhibited

  • You can also visit the mines:

    • Dolores Trompeta

    • Padre Flores

    • Milagros del Negrito

    • San Agustin

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