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Pinal de Amoles

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Pinal de Amoles in Queretaro, Mexico Pinal de Amoles is made up of words from two languages. The Spanish word Pinal means a forested place, and in Nahuatl, amolli is a sweet potato that is abundant in the area.

At 2,400 meters above sea level, three different types of climates can be found in Pinal de Amoles: humid at the city's governmental seat, semi-hot and dry in the south and semi-hot and humid in the north. The average annual temperature is 58°F.

To reach Pinal de Amoles from Mexico City, take Highway 57 (Mexico - Queretaro). Then at 171 km, at the turnoff towards San Juan del Rio, take Federal Highway 120 (San Juan del Rio-Xilitla). From San Juan del Rio it is 141 km to the municipal center.

Before the arrival of the Spanish, Pinal de Amoles was populated by the Chichimecas, and its surrounding terrority made up the before of the Mexican empire. In 1931, it became a city, no longer belonging to the District of Jalpan. El Chuveje in Pinal de Amoles, Queretaro, Mexico

Pinal de Amoles Tourist attractions:

  • El Chuveje Approximately 15 kilometers from city hall, the terrain becomes wooded and hushed, and a bubbling trout creek with several small cascades meanders through, making it an ideal spot for camping, fishing or a gentle hike. El Chuveje in Pinal de Amoles, Queretaro, Mexico El Chuveje in Pinal de Amoles, Queretaro, Mexico
  • Mision de Bucareli In the eighteenth century, when the monk from the Order of the Minor Barefoot Frias of the Province of Alcala of Mexico set out to assemble and convert the Sierra Gorda Chichimecas, they built this mission. Construction of this simple village church was headed by Fray Juan Guadalupe de Soriano.
  • Ex-Convento de Bucareli This ex-convent, located just 500 meters from the mission, houses more than 400 volumes of theological works, all written in Latin. Construction was started in 1786 by Michoacan Franciscans. Arched walkways and a central fountain adorn the interior. From the road, the building looks like the mountainside.
  • Puerta del Cielo Passing the 135 kilometer maker on the Cadereyta-Pinal de Amoles highway, you will notice that his car seems headed headed for the clouds. This mountain pass is the highway highest elevation.
  • The Jump in Pinal de Amoles, Queretaro, Mexico San Pedro Escanela / Rio Escanela This tiny woods-surrounded town lies some 17 km. north of Pinal de Amoles city hall. Boasting a warm climate and the clean Escanela river graced by a 35-meter waterfall called "El Salto" (the jump), the spot is enjoyed by campers year-round. Click Here!

Festivities in Pinal de Amoles:

  • Regional Festivities in honor to San Jose The most important local fair is celebrated in the center of town from March 18th to the 22nd. This religiously influenced fiesta includes liturgical plays, regional food, fireworks, music and dance.

Regional Cuisine, dried salt beef is a typical dish in this town, as well as gorditas; round, flat breads made of ground corn, lard and brown sugar that are ready to be split and stuffed like and English muffin. A fudge-like milk candy and "pan de pulque", a bread made with liquor instead of brewer's yeast, are also made here. Hand loomed cloth with incredible hand-sewn designs, carved wood, leather goods and clay pots and other kitchen items are made in Pinal de Amoles.

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