El Marques



.Hacienda de Chichimequillas in El Marques , Queretaro, MexicoEl Marques is located only 5 miles from the capital of the state, it has semidry climate and an average
temperature of 61° F.

The Chichimecas who inhabited El Marques, called the land Tlaxco (ball game). By 1850, the Spaniards called the area Hot Water Canyon. In 1941, the former seat of government of the state was converted to a municipality and in 1949 was named El Marques

Tourist attractions:

  • San Pedro Apostle Temple, This neoclassic church was built in the 19th century. Beautiful frescos and windows are outstanding.

  • La Cañada Grand Temple, The construction of this great structure began in 1741. For 130 years, workers put in the foundation, the walls, the buttresses and church houses. the there was nobody to take charge of putting in the arches and curved ceilings. Finally, the church was finished in 1873 under the direction of architect Francisco Amaya Avendaño.

  • San Antonio Chapel, Descending from the Camino Real to the Presa del Diablo or Devil's Dam, one will find the remains of this ancient chapel.

  • Pan de Dulce in El Marques, Queretaro, MexicoPan de Dulce Obelisk, Here sits the highest place in town, where Conin stood to speak when he received the first Spaniard in this region, Hernan Perez de Bocanegra, showing the great extension of his land, Inhabitants and natural resources.

  • Del Carmen, This dam, found in the community of Los Pocitos, has a rock curtain fashioned to look like a single unit.


  • Municipality Fair, The Town's farm and fun fair is held in  the week of May, featuring Mexican dishes, games and rides and cockfights.

Wameru Zoo in El Marques, Queretaro, MexicoRecreational Tourism:

  • Wameru Zoo, This zoo is considered the best feline breeding-houses in Mexico, exhibiting a great number of cats and other animals, many in danger of extinction. It is located on the Highway

  • Motocar Recetrack, La Cañada houses this motorcar racetrack, home to a splendid arena, built to be able to host international competitions.

The regional Cuisine fruit ices and specialty ice creams found in El Marques are without a doubt, the best in the state. Handicrafts Pink cantera or quarry rock, is plentiful in this area. Local artisans carve beautiful sculptures in the marble-like rock.

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