Landa de Matamoros



.Landa Mission in Landa, Queretaro, MexicoLanda comes from the Chichimeca word Lan-ha, which means watery a swam ply place. Landa is found in the northern part of the state at 3412 ft. above sea level, in the region where the average temperature is a pleasant 71° F. Leaving Mexico City, take highway 57 (Mexico-Queretaro)

After km. 171 in San Juan del Rio, take highway 120 (San Juan del Rio-Xilitla) Landa 124 Miles from that turnoff. Landa was founded in the 17th century by a tribe of Tarascans from the neighboring state of Michoacan who were
emigrating north.

Tourist attraction:

  • Landa Mission, The mission church Purisima Concepcion is found in the Municipal seat. Built 1761, it boasts the most elaborately decorated exterior of the five Sierra Gorda missions with every bit of space covered with iconographic details.

  • Madroño, Floors or red earth imbedded with marine fossils is the outstanding attraction in this region. Marvelous limestone formations and organic fossils dating from the Jurassic Period are preservedTilaco Mission in Landa, Queretaro, Mexico

  • Tilaco Mission, This mission church is dedicated to St. Francis of Assis and is characterized by a single peculiar detail; four mysteriously smiling mermaids seemingly holding up the four pillars of the upper part of the exterior with their upraised arms.

  • River Verdito, With a clear-running river, four natural wells and a 196 ft waterfall, Rio Verdito is revered as a spiritual retreat by some and enjoyed for its lovely panoramic views by others. A quietly beautiful place to hike or camp (with the permission of the caretaker)

  • Tangojo, Fishing and camping are enjoyed in this lovely spot near the Moctezuma River.


  • Holy Week, City-sponsored religious festivals are celebrated during the months of March and April.

  • Feast of Purisima Concepcion, The City celebrates one of its most import holidays, honoring the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, on December 8th.

Typical Food of this part of the state includes cecina or salted, dried beef, acamaya-a type of crawfish, enchiladas borrachas or huastecas with dried beef, pulque bread and zacahuitl-a large, tasty tamal. In Acatitlan de Zaragoza Rustic furniture comes out of the forested Agua Zarca area, as well as guitars made of red and white cedar, walnut and other types of wood.

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