San Joaquin



.grutas los herrera in san joaquin, queretaro state, mexicoSan Joaquin is situated 279 km from Mexico City by the federal highway 120 in the State of Queretaro, Mexico.

San Joaquin is  characterized because of its beautiful landscape, consisting of waterfalls, forests and caverns, as well as important mineral deposits.

An interesting place that should be visited for the beauty of its natural stone formations is "Grutas Los Herrera" (Los Herrera Caves) that offers its visitors a great adventure.

Nearby San Joaquin you can also visit the Archaeological Sites  of Ranas and Toluquilla.ranas and toluquilla archaeological sites in san joaquin, queretaro state, mexico These sites, considered as important forts and ceremonial centers, since the  XVI century were occupied by "Chichimeca" tribes until the Spaniards colonization. Both of them count with original ball games, pyramidal bases and plazas well adapted to the topography and hills, surrounded by an exuberant vegetation.

Tourist attraction:

  • El Durazno Waterfalls and Rupestre Paintings, Three amazing waterfalls, within one k. from each other, take their name from the town in which they are located: the small village of El Durazno. Wall painting from the pre colombinian period can be observed in El Durazno.El Durazno Waterfalls in San Joaquin, Queretaro, Mexico

  • Ranas Archaeological site , Located 1.8 miles from the community of San Joaquin, It is an ancient fortified city with a mural that surrounds the remains of the courts of the ancient Ball Game and the bases of ceremonial pyramids, also some of the living quarters, with stone beds, altars and stoves of the last people to inhabit this city.

  • La Prieta Mine, Located within a region of various existing mines, this mine calls special attention to visit. It is 2 km from San Joaquin town

  • Archaeological Minig Museum, This little museum displays different and peculiar rock minerals such as clay figures that have been found in the local mines.

  • Campo Alegre National Park, Fresh air and a cool climate combine in a very wide area to make an ideal place to camp, Campo Alegre is completely fenced in, and therefore safe. Covered areas, tap water, electricity and other facilities are available. The place is only 3 minutes out of San Joaquin

  • La Herrera Grottos, Stalactites and stalagmites once produced by water lics are today unusual shapes and figures. Approximately 500 meters have been dug to enjoy such a scene. The entry to the grottos is at the entrance of the town.

  • Maravillas Waterfall, At approximately 13 km from San Joaquin, the enchanting Maravillas waterfall is 30mts high surrounded by woods.

  • Extoraz River, The River side a ideal for camping. Situated in the borderline of San Joaquin and Pinal de Amoles municipalities, nature lovers will be captivated by the place.Concurso de Huapango in San Joaquin, Queretaro, Mexico

Local artisans of San Joaquin make the famous "zapatos serranos"(mountain shoes).

The main fairs and feasts:

  • "Concurso Nacional de Huapango" celebrated in April . Consists in  dance contests presenting the typical and regional dance called Huapango.

  • National Holidays on September 15th & 16th.

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