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Kiosco of Cadereyta in Queretaro, Mexico Cadereyta is a interesting colonial town located 217 km to the north of Mexico City by the federal highways 57D and 120 in the State of Queretaro in Mexico.

The climate is mostly dry, and the average temperature is 16° F. During winter, it can go down to 12° F. The altitude is 1,850 meters above sea level. Click Here!

Cadereyta Tourism Attractions:

  • Church of San Pedro and San Pablo First built by the Franciscans in 1725 and finished until 1731
  • Solitude's temple Neo Classic temple built in the 19th Century. Main accesses adorned with a couple of capitols, the right hand side, there are two beautiful columns with a cupola on top.
  • Government House Government House in Cadereyta, Queretaro, Mexico Government House1 in Cadereyta, Queretaro, Mexico
  • San Gaspar and de Refugio Churches famous characteristics of the XIX century are displayed in the facade, although the temple is ornamented with original baroque style.
  • Toluquilla Archaeological Site Strategically built on top of the Toluquilla hill and surrounded by cliffs, the site has only one entrance on the north side. Used as a fortress, the place follows the same natural shape of the MESETA. The materials used to built were stone and earth; the combination can be seen on the walls and facades. Among the most representative pieces are the ball game courts, and pyramidal basements. Toluquilla Archaeological Site in Cadereyta, Queretaro, Mexico Toluquilla in Cadereyta, Queretaro, Mexico
  • Quinta Schmoll also known as the "Casa de los Alemanes" (the House of the Germans) where you can admire and purchase a great variety of cetacean.
  • Hydroelectric Zimapan Complex Enormous dam considered to be one of the most important in the Country. Going across the tunnels underneath the hills and observing the high-pressure water falls are great reason to visit the place. Hydroelectric Zimapan Complex in Cadereyta, Queretaro, Mexico
  • Marine fossils at El Madroño Community Millons of years ago the area that now comprises Cadereyta, used to be part of the sea. The remains of this domain can be ssen at the community of El Doctor, Cadereyta.
  • Wall paintings At la Nopalera community, within the Palmar district.
  • El Doctor Very small town, ideal for camping and adventure. The place allows an encountering with nature and past time.

Festivities in Cadereyta:

  • One of the most important regional fairs takes place in Cadereyta is in September 4-12, particularly because of the agricultural show, where cattle raisers, mines and artisans get together.

Smoked lamb beef cooked in underground holes, and pork skin, Chicken sangria is popular too, as well as the pumpkin and cactus sweets. Vizarron is well known for marble work. Leatherwork is done throughout the region.

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