Arroyo Seco



.Mission Conca in Arroyo Seco, Queretaro, MexicoArroyo Seco is located to 240 km from the state of Queretaro, at the border with San Luis Potosi.
A semi-dry climate prevails, with an average temperature of 71° F.
The town is located on a small rise with quaint houses hidden among the trees.

Tourist Attraction:

  • Mission de Conca, One of the most exquisite examples of Baroque architecture in the region, this grand structure is the pride of Conca, Arroyo Seco. The exterior is noted for three main faces with two buttresses, finished with and arch over which presides a monolithic sculpture of the Holy Trinity. The entire Mission is said to represent the Faith's Victory

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Temple, This temple's construction began in 1904. Even though it isn't yet finished, its austere exterior built with natural black quarry stone, stand with magnificence.

  • Ex-Hacienda de San Nicolas Conca,Click Here! A pre Hispanic style SPA is nestled into the grounds of this vice-royal ex-hacienda. It also shelters a beautiful hotel and offers abundant vegetation, a lovely spring, and walking paths among the wildlife.

  • Fishing and Camping, Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! The waters of the Santa Maria and Ayutla rivers join at the beautiful scenery Los Adjuntas. This lovely and peaceful natural setting is enhanced with to several beaches where one can camp, with permission of the municipal authorities.

  • El Carrizal rive, This small community, at 1968 ft above sea level, boats a subtropical climate. One must cross a bridge with 205m. length and 7m height to reach the panoramic view. As you reach the highest point of the bridge you can get to appreciate and spectacular view of the surrounding and forest.


  • Saint Michael the Archangel Feast, This Celebration takes places the last week of September in Arroyo Seco becoming a party highlighted by the beauty of the region

Tourism Facilities

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