Xcaret, Natural park where the world must be seen, lived, reestablished and  kept alive, for its healthy sojourn.
Beach of Xcaret, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Located at only 45 minutes form Cancun and 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen,
 you will find the nature´s sacred paradise. It was for more than ten centuries,
 one important ceremonial center. Today is an incredible archeo-ecological park.
Come and admire over 1000 years of history in its Mayan pyramids,
ancient underground rivers, the beauty of its nature and people.

Everything in the park supports that modern development, conservation
and fun are not exclusive from one another; and that the world must be
seen, lived, reestablished and kept alive, for its healthy sojourn.



Acuarium in Xcaret, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Explore the undersea world without getting wet. Well composed aquariums illustrate the various types of reefs and their importance, along with hard-to-believe fish and aquatic life forms. There’s
even a petting zoo where you can touch residents of the reefs. Saltwater flows freely between the aquaria and the Caribbean,
bringing along a variety of marine life. Experience a coral reef
one of our planet’s richest ecosystems.


Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Bask in a pristine natural lagoon the site of ancient Pole, revered by the Maya, and one of the finest examples in the Riviera Maya. Dive in you’ll be surrounded by schools of curious, brightly colored tropical fish. Ringed by comfortable chairs, picnic tables and hammocks, the Blue Lagoon’s sparkling ambience makes for great fun in the sun or superb relaxation.

Tropical birds on nearby tiny islands fill the air with exotic sounds; the whole of the lagoon is surrounded by lush tropical jungle. Restaurant and snack bars are within a brief walk. Easy access to the water for
children and physically challenged.

lagoon in Xcaret, Quintana Roo, Mexico


Scuba Diving in Xcaret

Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Scuba Diving
Certified open water divers will enjoy diving Barracuda Reef or the sunken wreck "Mama Viña". Not certified? If you’ve ever thought of learning to dive, there’s nothing like the reefs waiting for you just offshore. Join our professional dive masters for a resort course and take the plunge. Great equipment, clear Caribbean water and a very interesting dive site are waiting for you.


Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Sea Trek

Are you a non-swimmer but want to experience the world under the waves? Sea Trek is a great way to take a walk underwater.

Explore an octopus’ garden with our unique sub-aquatic apparatus.
Safe and fun, Sea Trek is a non-swimmer’s dream.

Sea Trek in Xcaret


Mayan World

 Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico Archaeological sites
Xcaret encompasses the ancient Mayan port and religious center of Pole. Eight buildings, dating from 1400 to
1517 (late post-classic). Sign up for a tour and learn more about the Maya, in ritual and science. It’s a fascinating
tour of an ancient people, with all the conveniences of the Park.

Maya Village in Xcaret, Quintana Roo Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico The Mayan Village
Travel back in time at the Maya Village. Like most ancient cities, common people lived on the outskirts
of town, while the centers were exclusive to palaces and temples. The Mayan were no different.
Their houses were constructed in circular or elliptical shapes (comfortable year-round) and thatched with palm.
The Maya were wise builders; palm thatch was harvested only during full moons to yield the most sap filled fronds (better waterproofing and lasting up to 25 years), and houses were planted with insect and animal repelling plants. Our village rings an ancient altar. A traditionally dressed weaver creates handicrafts on-site and fallen-wood
carvings reproduce animals and gods.
There is even a Mayan mirror in the washrooms.
Wander through living history at the Mayan Village.

Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico The Museum
Information center for the park, the Museum will inform, amaze and entertain you. A restaurant, ice cream parlor, ATM and remarkable exhibits set the mood and provide you with an environment to plan your day. Tour the Museum’s displays of contemporary and classic art from modern and ancient Mexico, including paintings and works in pottery. See the Mayan world in one non-stop trip with the Museum’s detailed models. Great as a before-or-after actual site visit for that ‘big-picture’ view of this fascinating culture. Children and adults alike will be charmed by the quail chick incubators, hatching a new chick every few moments. The Museum store with everything from curios to Mayan textiles.
A panoramic view awaits on the roof.



Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico





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