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Diver 80ft. deep in Pictures of Cozumel Mexico, Visit Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Map, Paradise Island Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Tourist Attractions - Tour By Mexico ®

Cozumel is the most populated island in Mexico, and is located 50 miles from mainland in the State of Quintana Roo.

Cozumel is Mexico's largest island, but its relatively small size and interesting sights make touring both manageable and enjoyable.

Cozumel Island - Tour By Mexico ® Cozumel is easily reached by air and by sea from Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos.

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Great blue ocean view of Pictures of Cozumel Mexico, Visit Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Map, Paradise Island Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Tourist Attractions - Tour By Mexico ®
Cozumel island has a singular beauty because of its:

  • White coastline
  • Clear waters
  • Tropical vegetation
  • Kind people
  • Variety of sea food
  • Diversion centers

Gervasio in Pictures of Cozumel Mexico, Visit Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Map, Paradise Island Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Tourist Attractions - Tour By Mexico ®

In Cozumel there are several Mayan sites located on the northern half of the island.

San Gervasio can be reached by following the sign leading from Cross Island Road; a gravel road leads to the entry, where you pay a modest fee. Once inside, you can wander through the four districts, the first dating from the Early Classic Period (A.D. 300-600), and the last from the Late Postclassical Period (A.D. 1250 -1500).

The majority of the structures of San Gervasio were used as altars and shrines and for governmental gatherings. While the buildings are not of the scale of other Mayan sites on the Yucatan Peninsula, you'll sense a certain mystique as you walk on the altars where ceremonies were once held in honor of Ixchel, the fertility goddess.
English-speaking guides are available.

San Gervasio was a sanctuary of the goddess Ixchel, drawing pilgrims from the entire Mayan world.
Its splendor began around A.D. 200 and its vitality endured until the arrival of the Spaniards. San Gervasio was a strategic point for the commercial and political development of its era and you can visit this sacred site today.

For more information of San Gervasio Archaeological site
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Cozumel Island has a large variety of attractions such as:

Cross Cozumel Island Road ends in the center of the eastern coast of the island. Turn south and drive along the southeastern coast, where you'll see a more rugged side of Cozumel. The area is virtually uninhabited except for iguanas and birds that make their home in the mangrove trees and scrub jungle. The coastline varies from golden beaches to limestone formations.

Farther south, where the road turns dramatically west, is El Mirador beach; here, you will find an unmarked dirt road that leads to the Celarain Lighthouse. Alone the way you'll see a small ruin called Tumba del Caracol, or "Shell Tomb". Don't miss the panoramic view from the lighthouse.

Following the main road west, you'll pass signs for Palancar Beach and El Cedral.
El Cedral is a small Mayan ruin. The dirt road at the Palancar sign leads to Palancar Beach.

After passing the turnoff for San Francisco Beach, you'll come to a sign for Chankanaab Lagoon.
Located just 10 kilometers south of San Miguel, this park charges a modest entry fee but is well worth a visit.
The park is open from 7:00 to 18:00

Chankanaab lagoon - Photo by John H. Anderson in Pictures of Cozumel Mexico, Visit Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Map, Paradise Island Cozumel Mexico, Cozumel Mexico Tourist Attractions - Tour By Mexico ® The lagoon itself is a natural aquarium that is home to more than 60 species of tropical fish, crustaceans and corals; there is also a botanical garden around the lagoon with hundreds of species of tropical plants. The snorkeling and diving in the lagoon are excellent, and four dive shops provide everything you need: equipment rentals, guides and instruction, including certification courses. In the park's Mayan Zone, you can see reproductions of Mayan housing and learn more about this ancient culture's building and farming practices.

On the way back to San Miguel, you'll pass the International Pier.

Cozumel Island is the perfect jumping-off point for excursions to the fantastic Mayan ruins on the mainland and other points of interest along the coast.

Explore the mysteries of Cozumel at the Museum of the Island of Cozumel, where a fascinating mixture of permanent and short term displays, special programs and multiple services illustrate the island's history and natural environment. Four exhibition halls, along with dioramas, sculptures, charts and more, bring to both visitors and residents a clear understanding of Cozumel's unique past and bright present. Exhibits include recently excavated artifacts and dazzling displays of coral reefs and other marine life.

Cozumel was a pirate haunt, but nowadays is an important tourist center. It is ideal for practicing aquatic sports; and has good hotels, restaurants, and tourist services.

Speech of Cortes to its soldiers before undertaking the conquest of Mexico
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Diving in Cozumel Mexico
[Cozumel Diving Map]

This is the dream place for all those who love diving. It is the largest island of Mexico of approximately 49 kilometers long and it is only an hour and forty-five minutes away from Cancun's Airport.
You can arrive at Playa del Carmen, the capital of the Mayan Riviera, where you take a ferry that takes you to the island in 35 to 40 minutes. Said transportation offers its service during the day, from 6:00 to 19:00.

Cozumel has 25 coral reefs that are located in the occidental part of the isle. Here you can go diving, depending on a knowledge profile: advanced, intermediate and beginner divers. The currents of the sea of Cozumel allows for "planned diving", that is, letting yourself go with the current.

For the divers with experience we recommend the Palancar coral reef, where the depth varies between 6 and 12 meters and between 30 and 37 meters, in its deepest points. Every time you go diving, make sure that you are going with certified guides of the Association Divers International (PADI).

The coral reef in Punta Sur is very attractive because of its marine life diversity. The immersion takes you to depths of up to 38 meters. It is a wonderful experience to be in the depths of the Mexican Caribbean.

Route of Golf
[Cozumel Golf Map]

This is a great sport that can be learned and practiced in the professional golf courses with everything that this activity entails: caddies, electric cars, equipment rental and of course the Club House with its traditional "Hole 19" and a view that only in the Mexican Caribbean you can find: the archaeological zone of El Rey, located next to the golf course of the Hilton Hotel, is a 72 par.
The Melia Cancun Hotel with its 18 holes, 3 par.
The Grand Oasis Hotel also 3 par with nine holes.
Designed by Robert Trent, Pok-Ta-Pok it has 18 holes, 72par.

Complementing the golf offer, there are the golf courses in Playacar and the one of Puerto Aventuras,
both with 18 holes and at 77 and 99 kilometers from Cancun respectively.

Of recent inauguration, is the golf course on Cozumel island with 18 holes and 72 par.

For those golfers who wish to make a tour or a tournament, the communication is very fluid. You can spend the night at the hotels and additionally enjoy the beauty of the place. To get to this golf course, you must get to Playa del Carmen "Playa" that is 68 kilometers from Cancun, and take the ferry. That will take you to Cozumel in approximately 35 minutes. We suggest that you spend the night in Cozumel, which is a lovely and peaceful town where you eat very well and where you can get arts and crafts made in the region.

In a short time the golfers will be, able to fully enjoy their favorite sport, since new professional golf courses are being built, that will enrich the present offer.

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