Huejotzingo is located 160 km from Mexico City by the federal highway 190 in the State of Puebla, Mexico.

huejotzingo in puebla state, mexicoIn Huejotzingo you can visit a beautiful fortress Convent with a mixed gothic-, renacentist-, and baroque-style.

One of the most beautiful carnivals of the country is celebrated here in Huejotzingo before the Ash Wednesday.

Tourism attractions:

  • Ex-convento Franciscano del siglo XVI

  • Palacio Municipal

  • Zocalo (Plaza de Armas Fray Juan de Almeda)

  • Plazuela de San Diego

huejotzingo in puebla state, mexico / Jorongos and the rugs and apple cider.

The Jorongos and the rugs made of wool, are among the most outstanding handicrafts of Huejotzingo.

Huejotzingo is an excellent apple cider producer.


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Garden and fountain
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Facade of the church
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Fresco painting 1
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Fresco painting 2
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Fresco painting 3
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Fresco painting 4
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Oil painting
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Dining room

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