Chignahuapan town is situated 189 km from Mexico City by the federal highways 150, 190 and 119 in the
State of Puebla, Mexico.

chignahuapan in puebla state, mexico / Inmaculada ConcepcionAmong Chignahuapan principal attractions are:

  • The Nuestra Señora de la Salud Church, where a petrified mushroom with strange inscriptions over it, is venerated

  • The Inmaculada Concepcion Church, where you can admire a sculpture of the virgin which is 15mts. high

  • The Virgen del Ocote, a figure which was naturally formed and found when the bark was removed from the tree

Chignahuapan has some spas of thermal waters.

Its main handicrafts are wool blankets and clothing, and clay pottery.


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