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We africam safari in puebla, mexicoinvite you to the fascinating animal kingdom this zoo offers. Located 17 kms. from Puebla by the road to Valsequillo. Founded in 1972, Africam Safari has around 3000 animals of 250 species.

These animals live in complete liberty in a habitat that encourages development and reproduction. The park is divided into four sections: African, American International and a "tiger heaven" along with a children's zoo. It has a picnic section and a marina with rental of boats to enjoy Valsequillo lake where you can enjoy taking pictures, a souvenirs shop and a camel ride. In the children's zoo there are pony rides and a restaurant.

The African section is the largest one, it is divided into 3 areas known as Botswana, Uganda and Kenya. At the end of this last one you will find a marina called Mombasa. You get to this section once you go through the africam safari in puebla, mexicomain entrance and listen to the greeting of a native which in Swahili tongue pronounces "Jambo wana" which means "hello white man." It is difficult to describe in a few words all you can see and enjoy in this zoo, it has giraffes, gazelles, zebras, ostriches, nandus, a great variety of felines, bears and elephants as well as beautiful exotic birds.

Most of the tour is done inside vehicles; in certain areas you must roll up your windows to prevent animal attacks. If you do not have an automobile, and Africam bus leaves the Puebla bus station regularly, you can recognize it for its zebra look. Click Here! Click Here! Click Here!

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