playa zipolite beach in oaxaca, mexicoZipolite is located on the Pacific Ocean coast, in the Mexican State of Oaxaca, 60 km. to the south of Puerto Escondido,
40 km. to the north of
Huatulco tourist resource, 3 km. from Puerto Angel and 10 km. from Pochutla, which is the nearest town away from the coast.

Zipolite means "beach of the souls" or "beach of the dead",
it is a magic place.

Since ancient times this beach was visited by the zapotecans, inhabitants of the high plains of the Oaxacan Valleys,playa zipolite beach in oaxaca, mexico
turned it into a ritual site and even tourists attraction. Afterwards, during the sixties, it was rediscovered by young people from different nationalities, known as hippies by that time, who found in their beaches great enchantment living among the few native settlers that inhabited the area.
Thus, a town and a tourist development with very peculiar characteristics was originated.

A great interest to nature contact, a high appraisal to tourist and simple life, far from the artificial comfort of modern world, and a tendency for liberal habits bringing down differences of races, beliefs, nationalities and languages which nowadays turned it into a place that is frequently visited all through the year by hundreds by young open minded people, from all over the world, who love nature, freedom and peace.playa zipolite beach in oaxaca, mexico

Zipolite town gathers around more than a hundred houses, whose families give lodge at very low costs, and offers a wide range of possibilities such as restaurants, bars, discotheques, stores and many other attractions to visitors which can be considered as "a very special adventure".

Nowadays, Zipolite is not only a beautiful beach but a wonderful experience which young
people (and all ages people), whether they are Mexicans or foreigners can't miss.

playa zipolite beach in oaxaca, mexico


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