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Monterrey is the capital of the State of Nuevo Leon and is situated 957km. from Mexico City by the Federal Highways 57, 45 and 40 in Mexico.

Monterrey is interesting because of its industrial activity.

Monte de la Silla Monterrey - Tour By Mexico ®Monterrey is known for producing: Steel
Food processing

El cerro de la Silla (the Hill of the saddle) is a mountain that looks like a horse saddle is a landmark that symbolizes the State of Nuevo Leon.

In Monterrey its more interesting attractions it is recommended to visit the following ones:

La Gran Plaza (the Great Square) La Gran Plaza Monterrey - Tour By Mexico ®

Cathedral Monterrey - Tour By Mexico ®The Municipal Palace, where you can find a sculpture in honor to the Rufino Tamayo's son

The Government Palace, built in 1908

The City's Modern Theater

The Supreme Court of Justice

The Zaragoza Square, built in the XIX century, where you can see a kiosk and several sculptures in bronze

The Hidalgo square

The Cathedral, built in the XVIII century

The Mariano Escobedo Park Mariano Escobedo Park Monterrey - Tour By Mexico ®

The wooded zone and the Zoo

The Purisima Church with its Virgen del Roble and the Purisima Square

Monterrey has a great gastronomic tradition represented by the roasted cabrito (barbecued baby goat) and the "machaca" made with shredded dried meat.

The most important museums are:

The Monterrey Museum  Monterrey Museum 01 Monterrey - Tour By Mexico ® Monterrey Museum - Tour By Mexico ®

The Forum of Spectacles

The Hall of Fame of Professional Players of tennis and baseball

The Culture House

The Regional Museum of Nuevo Laredo, with a light and sound spectacle

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