Linares is located 134 km. from Monterrey City in the State of Nuevo Leon by the federal highway 85 in Mexico.

Linares is the second most important city of the State of Nuevo Leon.

 Its principal attractions are:

  • The San Felipe Cathedral, built in the XVIII century

  • The Misericordia Temple, also built in the XVIII century

  • The Municipal Palace (XIX century)

  • The Linares Casino and the Pablo Salce Museum

  • The Ojo de Agua natural park, where you can visit

    • the San Ignacio Spring with thermal waters

    • the Santa Rosa Canyon

Linares is famous because of its milk and nut candies.

Among its traditional festivities are:

  • The La Villa Seca Fair, which is celebrated in August

  • The Regional Fair, which is celebrated at the end of February and the beginning
    of March

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