Oaxtepec and Cocoyoc

"On the Pericon hill "


  Tour by Mexico � - Assumption Dominican ConventYautepec is bounded on the north by Tepoztlan and Tlayacapan, on the south by Tlaltizapan, Ayala and Cuautla, on the east by Tlayacapan, Atlatlauhcan and Cuautla and on the west by Tepoztlan, Jiutepec and Emiliano Zapata, located in the State of Morelos, Mexico.

The municipality has a temperature of 21.7� C and the maximum median is 33.6� C.

Chinelo of Yautepec

In the State of Morelos the Chinelos dance is the most representative; in Yautepec this dance is carried out mainly in the carnival time, where more than 60 thousand people gather, this carnival is the biggest of all the State of Morelos.

The use of flashy colors in their suit is characteristic. The hat and the garment are embroidered with spangles, mock-pearls and glass beads. The designs are embroidered with autochthonous symbols and/or animals. They use ostrich feathers as tuft of feathers, as well as a mask representing the face of a bearded blue eyes Spaniard.

Places to visit:

  • Assumption Dominican Convent (XVI century), Click Here ! Click Here ! Click Here ! Due to the several interventions that the group of convents had go through, it is not easy to detect their original structures and the different stages. At the tower base there is an inscription, with beautiful characters dated on 1567, that could be the enlargement ending of the original convent. The cloister, with their thick square pilasters on which rest the buttresses ended in form of a ship prow, is covered with a continued canyon vault and has a painting with a notable Mudejar influence. The church roof is a continued canyon, divided in five tracts by small pilasters and double arches. The atrium is perfectly defined, although it is small in comparison with the rest of the convents of the XVI century.
  • Oaxtepec Convent (XVI century), Humanity Inheritance. Tour by Mexico � - Oaxtepec Convent, Humanity Inheritance.Click Here ! Click Here ! Click Here ! Click Here ! Museum Click Here ! Click Here ! This convent was the first founded by the Dominican monks, 1535, in the territory currently occupying the State of Morelos, here was the capital of a prehispanic dominion, as can be verify through the great amount of archaeological founding discovered in the area. Lets remember that in the nearby springs the mexica had previously established a beautiful bathing place and botanical gardens for their emperors joy and nature contemplation. The convent has the characteristic elements of its contemporaries, although today we cannot appreciate the atrium due to the diverse interventions that has been object through the time. The temple ended by the year 1586, should have had a beautiful rosette, today we can only see the hollow. The mural paintings are notable and can be seeing in practically all the walls of the convent. It has a fine work in quarry, mainly in the ribs that adorn the inside of the temple and the high and lower cloisters. On the north of the church there is a lateral cover, maybe is a reminiscence of the Franciscan temples, that allows us to think that the original plan was made by these monks before the arrival of the Dominicans monks, among who must come the monk Domingo de Betanzos, the one who knock down the effigy of the Tepoztecatl and utilized fragments of the sculpture like stone to build the group of convents. In the rear part of the group, there is a small park in what should have been the orchard. At the moment, this convent harbors a small etnobotanic museum guarded by staff of the Centro Vacacional IMSS Oaxtepec; where can be seen an entomology exhibition and several prehispanic figures found in the area. The second floor of the convent also harbors a library.
  • Yautepec Archaeological Area (free entrance), Tour by Mexico � - Yautepec Archaeological AreaClick Here ! The building that today can be visited was one of the most important of the prehispanic city of Yautepec and the only one kept up today. It has a rectangular plant pyramidal platform that supports one of the royal palaces of the city, Tecpan, that was taken during the Middle and Late Post-Classic periods (1220 - 1521 a. C.). The measures of this palace (95 m long by 75 m wide and 9 m high) and their strategic location on a hill, allow us to think that from this place they could had a political and social control on the whole population, using the visual impact of the same structure to reinforce their power. It is calculated that the city embraced 197 hectares where could had live 11 thousand 500 individuals.
  • The bathing places, Click Here ! Since the prehispanic times, Yautepec and the Oaxtepec town were visited by the Emperor Moctezuma to enjoy the springs in the area. In one of the current bathing place is located the place where Moctezuma had its Temazcal, a pyramid and a stone of sacrifices.
  • Haciendas, Click Here ! Click Here ! An important part of the cultural patrimony of Yautepec, are the haciendas factories that since the time of the colony they were dedicated to produce sugar and similar products. These productive organizations, had besides vast land extensions for the sugar cane cultivation, buildings characteristic of the business, as the sugar mill, the boilers, etc., they also included the main house with rooms for the owner; a chapel; several workshops for carpentry, forge, etc.; store for the workers; jail; big yards; bridges, hydraulic works as aqueducts; stables and in some cases even a bullfighting ground. All of them near a source of water indispensable for the motive force as for the culture irrigation. Multiple examples of these haciendas are found in the current municipality of Yautepec; among them is the Cocoyoc ex hacienda today transformed into hotel; the San Carlos Borroneo hacienda, whose aqueduct can be admirer from the Cuautla federal highway; the Atlihuayan and the Oacalco that until recent years still worked as a sugar plantation.

Among the typical food of Yautepec we can find:

  • Zucchini seed green mole
  • Red mole
  • Guasmole of beef and tomato
  • Huanzontles in tomato sauce
  • Tzompantle flower dishes...
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