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  Xochitepec in the State of Morelos, Mexico, is located 1,109 mts above sea level. This town was established between the XV and XVI century by the Aztec, "Chinameca" and "Tlahuica" civilizations. During the pre-Hispanic era, this town paid taxes to the Valley of Mexico and in the colonial period it belonged to the government of the Marquisate of the Valley of Oaxaca, with its administrative center in Cuernavaca.

In 1715, the neighbors of Xochitepec complained because their land and the Temixco Estate were transferred to Miguel Zia, by the commissioner of the Holy Office in Cuernavaca, Friar Juan Simon Rosa. The friar returned some of the land to the estate, but Zia claimed the territory to be legally his, to the extent that Xochitepec was never able to recover its lands.

On October 22, 1857, the garrison of Cuernavaca was created, pledging alliance to the region's flag and jurisdiction. The government sent General Plutarco Gonzalez, who had been governor of the State of Mexico, to pursue the rebels, but these had found refuge in Temixco and Xochitepec where they waited for their pursuers. Two days later, General Gonzalez died on the slope of Platanillo.

During the period of the French intervention, General Leyva commanded the Republican forces of the State of Morelos. On the early morning hours of October 7, 1874, Xochitepec was struck by an earthquake, followed by strong subterranean currents. Days later crystal clear springs smelling strongly of sulphur, appeared on the main square.

Traditional food in Xochitpec, Morelos:

  • Red and green Mole
  • Pipian

Places of interest in Xochitpec, Morelos:

  • San Juan Evangelista parish in Xochitepec, Morelos, Mexico - Tour By Mexico �Parroquia de San Juan Evangelista - This parish belongs to the Tlahuica ethnic branch; formerly an open chapel and cathedral, it dates from the year 1600. In 1800, the closed chapel was built, and it can be noticed by the constant renovations, that only stone and no cement was used for its construction. This feature permits for a good state of conservation. The chapel has an exhibition hall where people can come and admire all the religious images.
  • Capilla de la Purisima Conception (chapel) - It also belongs to the Tlahuica ethnic branch, dating from 1862. When the chapel was built, only ancient materials such as limestone and stone, were employed.
  • Hacienda de Chiconcuac (estate) - Formerly a sugar producing estate, it was built in the XIX century. On the outskirts of the estate is the village of Chiconcuac, with many trees following the road to the village, the aqueduct of the estate crosses the village and gives a special beauty to the village center. The chapel which used to be tied with the estate, dates from 1816. It is built as an arcade supported by Tuscan-style columns, with a great octagonal cupola with a lantern finish. The estate is private property and can be visited with a written authorization from the owner. The estate counts with great rooms for special events, such as concerts and banquettes, which are organized by the owner.
  • Hacienda Real del Puente (estate) - Dating from the XIX century, it is located in the vicinity of Real del Puente, a quiet town. On one side is an aqueduct through which a great river runs nearby an old bridge.
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