In the escalated walls"

  The town of Santo Domingo Tlaquiltenango in the State of Morelos, Mexico, appears as tributary to the Aztecs in the tax register. The construction of the Convent and Temple dedicated to Santo Domingo, ended in 1540.

In the year 1909, a pre-Hispanic Codex was discovered in a corner between the Cathedral and the Convent. It had been hidden behind a thick layer of limestone and paint. Dominican friars had used the Codex to cover a Franciscan fresco. Today this document is conserved in the National Museum.

Tourism attractions in Tlaquiltenango, Morelos:

  • Hacienda de las Bovedas (estate) (San Juan), dating from 1513, and abandoned today
  • Hacienda de los Hornos (estate), construction of the XVII century
  • Hacienda Ixtoluca (estate), close to the shipyard, construction from the XVI century which is abandoned but can be visited
  • Hacienda La Restauradora de Huautla (estate)
  • Hacienda Tlachichilpan (estate), it is used as a mine
  • Hacienda la Peregrina (estate), from the pre-Hispanic era and mine
  • Hacienda Ferreira (estate), from the XVI century
  • Hacienda La Mezquitera (estate), plant nursery and Municipal hall
  • Archaeological ruins of Chimalacatlan (pyramids)
  • Ex-convento e Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzman (ex-convent and church)
  • Church of San Francisco de Asis
  • Archaeological vestiges, Las Bovedas, which have not been explored
  • Archaeological vestiges Las Huertas, which have not been explored
  • Archaeological vestiges of Pueblo Viejo, which have not been explored

Holidays and fairs in Tlaquiltenango, Morelos:

  • February 2 -Candelaria festivities, dances
  • September 15/16 -Independence Day holidays
  • November 1/2 Dia de todos los Santos y Fieles Difuntos (Holy Saints Day and the Day of the Dead)
  • December 16/24 -Traditional Posadas
  • December 24/25 -Christmas and birth of Jesus Christ
  • December 31 -New Year's Party

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