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If you are interested in other places that the map is registering, please let us know
to combine your package with the places of your own interest. All the tour sites are
approximately 30 to 45 minutes from
La Ribera hotel in Tehuixtla, Morelos.

This fabulous ecotour will take us from La Ribera hotel to hotel la ribera in tehuixtla, tequesquitengo, morelos, mexicoTequesquitengo lake only 5 minutes from the hotel. Tequesquitengo; a natural jewel, a lake located at 700 Mts. over sea level just like in Tehuixtla the weather have varies ranges from 25 C to 40 C throughout the year. This amazing lake offers the tourists unique chances to got crazy and have a wonderful moment of enjoyment: hand crafts, water ski, a drive in bar boat at night, and hand gliders for the daring ones. Tequesquitengo, a legendary lake placed where it is said there was once a town that got drowned and now lies under its quiet waters; but nowadays still shows the top of chapitels, once the facade of a wonderful church. Enjoy scuba diving!


hotel la ribera in tehuixtla, tequesquitengo, morelos, mexico

But our ecotour doesn't end here, we continue up to Cacahuamilpa natural caves: 30 minutes from
La Ribera
. These caves still cause admiration from people here and abroad since they are known as one of the largest in the world. Cacahuamilpa, landscape or a geological era since millions of years ago now is an outrageous testimony of an underground river with stalactites and stalagmites of mischievous figures. This is a safe adventure for speleology and tourism. The cave visit spans from one to two hours.


Our touristic trip will also take you to the international known city of silver: Taxco, (40 minutes
La Ribera hotel), where the adventures would admire and buy precious silver jewelry
and handicrafts, and also know about colonial history. This voyage as well takes to the
most important and historical places like Tepoztlan in Cuernavaca.

hotel la ribera in tehuixtla, tequesquitengo, morelos, mexicoOur tourist package ends up visiting an archeological marvel; at the same level as Teotihuacan, Palenque or Chichen Itza, but still not very well appreciated yet. Xochicalco: In here we will dedicate many hours to contemplate the figures and hieroglyphs carved on its Feather Snake (Quetzalcoatl) pyramid, the excellent arrangement of its two glyph stele square, it's well preserved three ball courts and, of course, the observatory with an underground chamber where only during the summer solstice (June 22nd) the sunlight penetrates through an opening in the roof to completely illuminate the chamber's interior.

hotel la ribera in tehuixtla, tequesquitengo, morelos, mexicoAnd in our final trip we also include Coatetelco.
In this place with a view of the quiet lagoon by the same name, the Tlahuica culture left its own testimony of their architectural skills in a group of structures, squares, a ball court and shrines.

If you like to combine history with anthropology
or are interested in knowing and preserving the beautiful ecological richness of the world,
here in our package you'll find the perfect excuse
for enchanting vacations, enigmatic, original...

Wouldn't you dare to come and live them?

Come to La Ribera hotel in Tehuixtla, Morelos at only thirty minutes from Cuernavaca city.

We wait for you and your family...

Rate by day per person $ 300.00 Pesos

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