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Panoramic view in Tepoztlan Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
Tepoztlan in the State of Morelos, is a small ancient town which is less than an hour away from Mexico City, and located south of Cuernavaca.

Tepoztlan can be accessed via Cuautla, Cuernavaca and Mexico City.

Tepoztlan name derives from the nahuatl word "Tepuztli", meaning "copper axe above a hill". The axe in the glyph was misinterpreted by the Spanish conquerors as iron.

Tepoztlan Mexico market main road - Tour By Mexico ®


One of the main attractions of Tepoztlan is the market place.

This market has two sections:

- One which is situated on the main plaza, where one can buy fresh and exotic groceries, as well as trying different traditional dishes and purchase handicrafts.

- The other takes place on the main road on Saturdays and Sundays, where one can buy regional handicrafts from every corner of the country and handicrafts found nowhere else but here.

Tepoztlan Mexico Convent - Tour By Mexico ®

Tepoztlan is also known as a mystical center.

Also worth visiting is the beautiful XVI century Augustinian Convent built in honor of our Lady of Annunciation.

At the back of the convent there is an archaeological museum where one can admire the private collection of Carlos Pellicer, donated to the people of Tepoztlan.

To the north of Tepoztlan, is located the Tepozteco mountain, the top of the Ehecatepets hill.

Tepoztlan Mexico Archaeological site - Tour By Mexico ®

On this mountain is the archaeological site of the same name, it derives from Tepoztecatl, the name of the principal god of the Pulque (an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of the agave) deities also adored are the god of Fertility and Harvest.

The site was therefore, considered to be a sacred place where many pilgrims came from as far as Chiapas and Guatemala.
Tepoztlan Mexico Archaeological site - Tour By Mexico ®

This site consists of a monument in honor of Tepoztecatl, also known as the Tepozteco House, it is a pyramid built on a platform 9.50 mts. high. The pyramid can only be reached by a long and narrow flight of steps located on the south side of the temple.

To reach the site, one must follow by foot a sloping path on the north side of the town.

In Tepoztlan, each year on September the 8th, a feast is celebrated in honor to Tepoztecatl with regional dances and songs.

Ask for guided visits to the Tepozteco pyramid at the Ex-convent or Carlos Pellicer Museum.

Tepoztlan Mexico Chinelos dancers - Tour By Mexico ®

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