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Villa de Ayala
Villa de Ayala - Tour By Mexico ®
"Place where the apantles are abundant"

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  Emiliano Zapata - Tour By Mexico ®Villa de Ayala in the State of Morelos, Mexico was known as Maxataplan which means "Place where the apantles are abundant".

It was awarded its present name in honor to Francisco Ayala who was native of this village and protector of the insurgent cause of the Independence movement.

The parishes of Villa de Ayala and Anenecuilco, are examples of the XVI century Franciscan architecture. The house of Zapata, where the "Caudillo del Sur" was born on August 8, 1879, is located in Anenecuilco. He was murdered on April 10, 1919 at the Hacienda de Chinameca which is located in the southern part of this municipality.

Located five minutes away from this village are bathing resorts such as El Colibri and El Axoxoche. The most important celebrations and fairs take place on March 19, in honor to Saint Joseph, and on December 12, in honor to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Jantetelco - Tour By Mexico ®

"On the pile of dry bricks"

Jantetelco Morelos - Tour By Mexico ®The archaeological site of Chalcatzingo is located in Jantetelco in the State of Morelos, Mexico, in the middle of a hot land valley. It is the valley of the Tenango River which is near the mountains.

The Chalcatzingo archaeological site has several monuments which are evidence of human activity beginning to develop 3,500 years ago. Click Here ! Click Here !


Chalcatzingo archaeological site - Tour By Mexico ®

The economic and political exchange between the golf coast and the central part of Mexico was probably one of the reasons for
Chalcatzingo's great development.

There is a convent  from the XVI century founded by the Augustinian order, which is dedicated to apostle Santiago.
It was built in
Jantetelco during the colonial period.
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Don Mariano Matamoros
Click Here ! was vicar of this village in 1807, later he joined Don Jose
Maria Morelos in the Independence movement of December 1811.

Jonacatepec Morelos - Tour By Mexico ®
"On the mountain of onions"

Jonacatepec Morelos - Tour By Mexico ®The town of Jonacatepec in the State of Morelos, Mexico, dates back to the year 1,000 B.C. During the pre-Hispanic era, it paid tribute to Moctezuma.

In 1855, the legal existence of Jonacatepec was recognized. On July 31, 1861, the Congress of the state of Mexico confirmed its condition as a district.
On November 14 of that same year, it was named Leandro del Valle in honor to a patriot who lived in this town for many years.

Las Pilas Jonacatepec Morelos - Tour By Mexico ®.

The bathing resort Las Pilas is located at the entrance of this municipality. There is also an archaeological site where some human remains in lotus position were found.

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Tepelcingo Morelos - Tour By Mexico ®
"Behind the mountain where the ground is stony"

Tepalcingo Morelos - Tour By Mexico ®In Tepalcingo in the State of Morelos, Mexico, there is a sanctuary that was built in the XVIII century which used to be the confraternity of Jesus of Nazarene.

According to the inscriptions found inside the temple, its construction began in February 1782. The facade is the most important element and is a good example of Mexican baroque style in mortar. Click Here ! Click Here !

Axochiapan Morelos - Tour By Mexico ®
 "Where there are nenuphars or water flowers"

The convent of Axochiapan in the State of Morelos, Mexico, dates back from the XVI century and belongs apparently to the Franciscan order. The name of Axochiapan is the same as its neighboring lagoon which beautifies the landscape. The natives maintain traditional customs which are shown in their dances and entertainments.

The Axochiapan main festivity takes place January 10th through 29th in honor to the patron saint who is revealed with Moro and Tecuanes dances.

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