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  municiapal government building in miacatlan, morelos, mexicoMiacatl�n, a town located 1,054 mts (3,200 ft) above sea level, in the State of Morelos, Mexico, was part of the religious and political center of Xochicalco during the pre-Hispanic era and later formed part of the Cuernavaca domain. After being conquered by the Aztecs, it became part of the Valley of Mexico. Click Here !

During the colonial time, Miacatlan formed part of the Marquisate of the Valley of Oaxaca, under the name of San Francisco Miacatlan when the town of Mazatepec of the Tetecala district was created. It obtained municipal rights upon the creation of the State of Morelos, Mexico.

In 1860, the brothers Vidal Maravilla, were forced to runaway from Real de Temazualtepec and arrived in Miacatl�n. There they bought a house wherein they found a roll containing the image of the Virgin which today,
is found in Miacatlan.

Tourism sites in Miacatlan, coatetelco archaeological site in miacatlan, morelos, mexicoMorelos:

  • Hacienda of Acatzingo Established in 1617, today it is the "Casa Hogar de Nuestros Peque�os Hermanos", an Orphanage founded by Father Watson. Click Here !
  • Laguna de Coatetelco - Lagoon to practice water-skiing and mojarra fishing. Restaurants offering traditional food are available.
  • Coatetelco Archaeological Site Click Here ! An archaeological site; town, square, "templo mayor" or Cuahtlitzin pyramid foundation of quadrangular project with slope parameter, "juego de pelota" or ball game. Latin project with slope parameter east or west affixed temples, unexplored mound.
  • Museo de Coatetelco - An archaeological and colonial museum. A XVI century chapel "San Juan Bautista", built over a pre-Hispanic structure, displaying archaeological pieces st thomas church in miacatlan, morelos, mexicofrom the area, "Tlahuica" and Aztec ceramics, a photographic display of the zone and a diorama.
  • Iglesia de Santo Tomas - A XVI century church Click Here !
  • Laguna de Rodeo - Lagoon where restaurants offering traditional food are available. Fishing can also be practiced.

Traditional food in Miacatlan, Morelos:

  • Tamales made out of mojarra (fish) and bagre of Coatetelco (fish)
  • Clemole de bagre
  • Red and green mole
  • Pipian

Traditions and Festivities in Miacatlan, Morelos:

  • February 2 - The Candelaria festivities; offerings of mole and tamales made of "ceniza" are placed on the church altar. Once blessed, these are taken to a nearby cavern to please the rain gods
  • March 2 - Lent Friday, in honor to the "Cristo Padre de la Vidriera", a fair, horse races, bullfighting, fireworks and dances
  • Holy days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday); The passion for Christ is celebrated and public processions are carried out
  • April 16 - Commemoration of the Free and Sovereign State of Morelos
  • August 24 - Feria de San Bartolo (fair)
  • September 15/16 - Independence Day festivities
  • November 1/2 - Dia de todos los Santos y Fieles Difuntos (Holy Saints Day and Day of the Dead)
  • December 16/24 - Traditional Christmas Posadas
  • December 24, 25, 31 - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year


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