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  The heroic city of Cuautla, second in importance in the State of Morelos in Mexico, is located in a fertile lowland. Cuautla is an example of the present and the past, here, you will see history unfold throughout its streets, buildings and monuments. Due to its natural thermal springs and beautiful landscapes, Cuautla is also known as "The City of Hot Springs", with Agua Hedionda being a prime attraction.

During the colonial period Cuautla was part of the domain of the Marquees of the Valley of Oaxaca. In 1546, the Santo Domingo convent was established and the evangelization of this town began.

The Independence war from February 19th to May 2nd, and the troops lead by Jose Maria Morelos, left an unforgettable track in the inhabitant's pride and street names owe their origin to this historical event.

General Emiliano Zapata Cuautla Morelos Mexico - Tour By Mexico ® / Photo by Victor H. MirelesThe improvement of sugar cane cultivation caused the expansion of haciendas. This later became one of the main motives of the revolutionary movement. It was in Cuautla Morelos where Emiliano Zapata and Francisco I. Madero met several times and also where the remains of the "Caudillo del Sur" rest.

Tourism attractions in Cuautla Morelos:

  • Civic Center
  • Ex-Convento de Santo Domingo - Dominican construction from the XVI Century. Its located downtown.
  • Ex-Convento de San Diego - Franciscan construction from the XVI Century. Its also located downtown.
  • Plazuela de la Revolucion del Sur - Square where  the remains of the "Caudillo del Sur", Emiliano Zapata, rest.
  • Museo Casa de Morelos - Morelos House & Museum - Beautiful colonial construction built in the XVII Century; here you will know the most important actions of Jose Ma. Morelos y Pavon (the Servant of the Nation) during the Independence War. Its located in the Main Square. Open: Tuesday thru Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.
  • Balnearios - Hot Springs - Because of the water abundance and great climate in Cuautla, it has been named the city of hot springs. Examples of such resorts are Agua Hedionda, El Almeal, Los Limoneros, Agua Linda and Las Tazas.
  • Estacion de Ferrocarril - The Old Railroad Station - An old station that houses the Steam Machine no. 279. The only narrow track railway was important in the development of the region of Cuautla, Morelos and during the revolution. Today it is the only one in the country that offers a service by rail from Cuautla to Yecapixtla.
  • Museo de la Lucha por la Tierra - This museum is devoted to the life of Emiliano Zapata. Its located near Cuautla at Anenecuilco Town.

Main fairs and festivities in Cuautla Morelos:

  • The Regional Fair takes place on the second Friday of Easter.

Tetelcingo is a small village whose roots are Nahuas. Women wear the traditional costume which because of its origin and its simplicity is the region's most representative.

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