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  Amacuzac Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®During the pre-Hispanic period, Amacuzac, in the State of Morelos in Mexico, was an Aztec town at an altitude of 1,000 mts (2,900 ft).

In the colonial era Amacuzac belonged to the Marquisate of the Valley of Oaxaca in Mexico. Between the sixteenth and eighteenth century, a large part of his land was lost to the San Gabriel Estate. By 1850, little of Amacuzac remained after the "matlazahuac" epidemic and the cholera disease had destroyed most of its population. Vestiges of this town can still be found one kilometer down on the same river side.

Mr. Aniceto Aranda, the founder of the new Amacuzac, pursued by the garrison of the Desierto de Tetecala in 1853, found refuge in La Parota, a place located one kilometer west of old Amacuzac. Here, he brought his cattle and settled. By 1864 well known families coming from the ranches of Teacalco and Contlalco had settled on this site. By 1890, the people of this town had built a ferry across the river moving the boat alongside two metallic cables, to help transport merchandise coming from Acapulco in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.

Amacuzac Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®On March 4, 1891, in Amacuzac, a series of conferences headed by the representatives of Morelos and Guerrero were held. This resulted in a pact signed in this town, whereby the tops of the mountainous region of Coatlan would be recognized as the line of division. The agreement was approved on April 30, 1892, by the government of the state of Morelos.

During the governing period of Dr. Jose G. Parres, in the year 1920, serious problems developed in the state of Guerrero caused by territorial disputes. The territory of the neighbors of Tilzpotla, was annexed to Guerrero as the authorities of Huitzuco, invaded this territory and overpowered the Zicatlacotl groups through which the government of the state of Guerrero asserted that the border between the two states was formed by the Rio Amacuzac.

Amacuzac Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

To solve this problem in 1922, a series of talks were held in Mexico City.

On May 23, 1923, the President Alvaro Obregon, recognized the line running through the summit of the Ocotlan mountain, located south of the river Amacuzac, as the true borderline with the State of Guerrero.



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