Cathedral of Zamora in Michoacan, MexicoZamora is located 61 kms (38 mi) from Jiquilpan in the State of Michoacan, Mexico.

Founded by the viceroys' will in 1574. Its official name Zamora de Hidalgo in honor of the independence leader, its weather is moderate being an excellent agricultural region standing out the strawberry among its products

The main attractions in Zamora are:

  • The Cathedral of Zamora in Michoacan, MexicoGothic-style Cathedral, not completely finished

  • The beautiful Neoclassic-style Church

  • The Federal Palace, which used to be the antique episcopal palace, building in 1904

  • The Fray Manuel de Navarrete Library

  • Hospital Civil

  • San Francisco Temple

  • Capilla de Juan Diego (Antique Sanctuary of Guadalupe)

  • Parroquia de la Inmaculada o Purisima

  • Orandino Lake

  • La Alberca Lake

  • Los Negritos

Among its authentic traditional cuisine are specialties such as, chicken with exquisite seasoning, potato dishes, famous candies like the chongos as well as other kinds of candies.

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