Santa Clara del Cobre

Santa Clara del Cobre is located 80 kms (50 mi) from Morelia City on the highway towards Ario de Rosales via Patzcuarosanta clara del cobre in michoacan state, mexico in the State of Michoacan, Mexico.

Before the Conquest, Tarascan Indians used copper to make rattles, masks, breastplates and other items.

Today, the inhabitants of Santa Clara del Cobre are well known jewelers making items among others ladles, jars and plates which are greatly demanded.

Among Santa Clara del Cobre's main
attractions are:

  • El Museo del Cobre (the Copper Museum)

  • The Kiosk

  • La Capilla del Hospital (Hospital Chapel)

The most important festivity celebrated in Santa Clara del Cobre is the Copper Fair, which takes place from August 10th through 17th

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Five craftsman working a piece of hot copper
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Craftsman hammering a vase of copper
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View from the store to the workshop
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