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Michoacan, derives from the Nahuatl terms michin (fish), hua (those who have) and can (place) which put together mean "fishermen's place". The State of Michoacan, forms part of the central western part of Mexico and is located between 20° 23' 44'' and 18° 09' 49' north latitude and 100° 04' 20' west longitude of the Greenwich meridian. It extends 59,864 sq. km. (23,113 sq. mi.), is the 16th state in Mexico and is divided into 113 municipalities with a population of approximately 3'985,667 inhabitants..

The State of Michoacan boundaries lie with the State of Jalisco and with the State of Guanajuato in the north; with the
State of Queretaro in the northeast; with the State of Estado de Mexico in the east; with the State of Guerrero in the southeast;
with the
State of Colima in the west; and the Pacific Ocean in the southeast with a littoral 213 kilometers (132 mi) long.

In the State of Michoacan the climate varies much from place to place depending on variables such as, the altitude above sea level, ground relief and prevailing winds. The climatic conditions prevailing here are: tropical with summer rains with an average temperature of 28°C in the hot land and on the coast; mild with summer rains with an average temperature of 22°C in the central part of the state; dry-warm temperatures with scarce rain in the summer in the lower part of the state and in the Balsas river; depression with mild rainfall all year long and a drier winter season in the higher central part northwest of the state; and very cold to freezing weather in Angangueo and Zituacaro.

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