San Juan de los Lagos

San Juan de los Lagos is located 148 kms (91 mi.) northeast of Guadalajara in the State of Jalisco via Federal Highway 80.

Basilica de San Juan de los Lagos (Photo by Raul Torres)San Juan de los Lagos is characterized by its religious buildings such as:

  • Basilica San Juan de los Lagos built in the XVIII century.
    This majestic Basilica gives shelter to
    "Our Holly Lady of San Juan de los Lagos", originally called the "Virgin of the Conception". For three centuries after her creation,
    millions who had heard of her many miracles venerated her, until 1904 when the Pope Pius X approved her coronation. Ever since, millions of the faithful have venerated this holy image making her the honor and pride of Mexican Catholics. The miraculous image of the Virgin, constructed of corn stalks was created by Tarascan Indian artisans from Michoacan State in the XVI Century. This tiny image represents the Holy Virgin standing over a half moon with her hands across her breast, attired in a starry blue mantle. Her oval face, slightly inclined, has almond-shaped dark eyes, a perfect aquiline nose and a small bow mouth. To the rear and over the Virgin�s head, two naked winged angels support a semicircular band bearing the Latin inscription: "Mater immaculate Ora Pro Nobis".

  • Capilla del Calvario, a Franciscan-style chapel.

  • Capilla del Primer Milagro, chapel of great importance.

The main festivities in San Juan de los Lagos are:

  • The feast in honor of the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, which takes place December 1st through 12th.

  • The Candelaria festivities, celebrated January 12th to February 2nd.

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